Aaj Ka Panchang Aaj ka panchang 14 october 2021

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Here is Aaj ka Panchang 14 October 2021 in Hindi and today Panchang in English โ€“ Maha Navami is celebrated on the navam (or the ninth) day of the Shukla paksha in the Indian month of Ashwina. Maha Navami 2021 is on 14 October 2021. So let’s know today’s Panchang โ€“ today Panchang 14 October 2021aaj ka panchang 14 october

The ninth day of Navratri festival is called Maha Navami. Maa Siddhidatri is worshiped on the ninth day of Navratri. This form of mother bestows siddhis to the devotees. On the day of Navami, ritualistic worship is done to please the mother. Worshiping a girl on Navami is considered auspicious. This year, Navami is on 14 October 2021. So let’s know today เคชเค‚เคšเคพเค‚เค— today Panchang 14 October 2021

Aaj ka panchang 14 october 2021 in hindi โ€“ Today’s เคชเค‚เคšเคพเค‚เค— 14 October 2021

Vikram Samvat โ€“ 2078, Anand

Shaka Samvat โ€“ 1943, Plav

Poornimant โ€“ Ashwin

Amant โ€“ Ashwin

Aaj ka panchang tithi in hindi โ€“ today’s date เคชเค‚เคšเคพเค‚เค— What

Shukla Paksha Navami โ€“ 13 October, 08:08 PM โ€“ 14 October, 06:52 PM

Shukla Paksha Dashami โ€“ 14 October, 06:52 PM โ€“ 15 October, 06:02 PM

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Nakshatra Star 14 October

Uttarashada – October 13, 10:19 AM – October 14, 09:35 AM

Shravan โ€“ October 14, 09:35 AM โ€“ October 15, 09:16 AM

Aaj ka panchang 14 october 2021

Aaj ka rahu kaal ka samay โ€“ Today’s Rahu time period 14 October

Delhi โ€“ 1:32 PM โ€“ 2:57 PM

Mumbai โ€“ 01:51 PM โ€“ 03:18 PM

Chandigarh โ€“ 01:33 PM โ€“ 02:58 PM

Lucknow โ€“ 01:17 PM โ€“ 02:43 PM

Aaj ka yog samay kya hai โ€“ today’s yoga time

Dhriti -14 October, 03:47 AM โ€“ 15 October, 01:45 AM

Shool – October 15, 01:45 AM – October 16, 12:03 AM

Chandrama aur surya ka samay โ€“ moon and sun time 14 October

sun and moon time

Sunrise โ€“ 6:25 AM

Sunset โ€“ 5:48 PM

Moonrise – October 14, 2:25 PM

Moonset – October 15, 1:03 am

Aaj ka panchang 14 october 2021

Aaj ka shubh muhurt โ€“ Today’s auspicious time 14 October

Abhijeet Muhurta โ€“ 11:44 AM โ€“ 12:29 PM

Amrit Kaal โ€“ 11:00 PM โ€“ 12:35 AM

Brahma Muhurta โ€“ 04:49 AM โ€“ 05:37 AM

Aaj ka rahu kaal ka samay โ€“ Rahukaal inauspicious period 14 October

Rahu โ€“ 1:32 PM โ€“ 2:57 PM

Yama Gand โ€“ 6:25 AM โ€“ 7:50 AM

Kulik โ€“ 9:16 AM โ€“ 10:41 AM

Durmuhurta โ€“ 10:13 AM โ€“ 10:58 AM, 02:46 PM โ€“ 03:31 PM

Varjyam โ€“ 01:32 PM โ€“ 03:07 PM

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sun sign

Sun is in Virgo

lunar month

Amant โ€“ Ashwin

Poornimant โ€“ Ashwin

Shaka Samvat (National Calendar) โ€“ Ashwin 22, 1943

Vedic Season โ€“ Autumn

dry season – autumn

Aaj ka panchang 14 october 2021

Choghadiya Muhurta 14 October โ€“ aaj ka shubh choghadiya hindi- Today choghadiya

Choghadiya of the day – Sunrise : 06:25 AM

Raat Ka Choghadiya โ€“ Sunset : 05:48 PM

Today Panchang 2021 โ€“ 14 October in English

Vikram Samvat โ€“ 2078, Ananda

Shaka Samvat โ€“ 1943, Plava

Purnimanta โ€“ Ashvina

Amanta Month โ€“ Ashvina

Today Panchang Tithi in English 14 October

Sukla Paksha Navami – Oct 13 08:08 PM – Oct 14 06:52 PM

Sukla Paksha Dashami- Oct 14 06:52 PM โ€“ Oct 15 06:02 PM

Today Rahukal 14 October โ€“ 1:32 PM โ€“ 2:57 PM

This is Today 14 of october เคชเค‚เคšเคพเค‚เค—, 14 Rahu Kaal of October, 14 good time of october, 14 inauspicious time of october, today’s yoga, aaj ka panchang in hindi 2021, aaj ka panchang in English, aaj ka rahukal in hindi English, aaj ka shubh samay in hindi english, aaj ka vrat in hindi, aaj ki tithi ke baare mein sab kuch in hindi. To know more, write in the comment box below. We will try to answer your question.

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