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The Chamber of Senators approved the package of US $ 262 million that includes the law of “Economic Consolidation and Social Containment”; however, article number 3 was modified regarding the distribution of resources for various entities.

The new distribution of funds was as follows: US $ 104.8 million will be allocated to the Ministry of Health; US $ 78 million for Older Adults and about US $ 79 million for the payment of public sector pensions.

The modifications made in the Upper House gave greater economic support to the health sector and social programs.

The original bill had planned to allocate the sum of US $ 71 million for Health; US $ 112 million for Older Adults; about US $ 75 million for retirements and for Clinics about US $ 4 million.

The bill completes as a source of resources through a contribution that Paraguay will receive from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as Special Drawing Rights (SDR), for US $ 250 million. The US $ 115 million will be financed with reallocation of resources from the General Budget of the Nation 2021 and with rationalization of expenses. In addition, it is planned to issue sovereign bonds for approximately US $ 25 million.

By a large majority, the Upper House decided to eliminate the second article of the bill that grants discretion in the use of resources to the Ministry of Finance and appointed the Executive Power to issue a decree for the reallocation of funds.

On the point, the Senator of the Guasu Esperanza Martínez Front pointed out that the Executive tried, again, to handle the resources in question in a discretionary manner.

“They were going to use the health issue and the urgency surrounding this situation in the country as an excuse. It is not possible that the use of resources is not detailed, ”said the senator.

The modifications made by the Chamber of Senators are a half sanction, which was passed to the Chamber of Deputies for study or approval.

The candidate for mayor of Asunción for List 1, Colorado Party, Óscar “Nenecho” Rodríguez, held a pleasant lunch with religious authorities yesterday. In this case, with the nuncio Eliseo Ariotti, and in the company of Cardinal Cristóbal López. The young candidate recalled that Cardinal López was the director of the Monsignor Lasagna school at the time he was in high school. “We remember beautiful anecdotes from our youth. Happy to share ideals with people with great social commitment ”, he commented.


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