Fire in a moving car in noida car driver saved life by jumping


  • Car burnt due to spark of fire burnt
  • Car driver saved his life by jumping from a burning car

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Greater Noida. A fire broke out in a moving car near Naveen Mandi on GT Road in Dadri area. The person driving the car, seeing the sparks of fire, raked the car and before the car was burning it jumped from the car and thus saved the life of the driver.

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People passing through this incident gave information about it to the police control room and tried to extinguish the fire but did not get success. Later the team of firefighters got over the flames but by then the car was completely burnt.

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The eyewitness says that the Centro car was coming towards Ghaziabad on GT Road in Dadri area. Vinod Kumar was driving the car. Suddenly, smoke and sparks started coming out of the bonnet in front of the car near Naveen Mandi and the car caught fire. Seeing this, driver Vinod Kumar jumped from the car and saved his life. The car had become a ball of fire. Seeing the flames, other drivers also stopped their vehicles. People tried to extinguish the fire but the fire was so fast the whole car burned. Fire brigade vehicles reached the spot as soon as the information was received, but the car burned down.


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