When asked to remove the car, the neighbor committed a fatal attack, did not come to consciousness for 3 days

Condition improved after operation (File Pic)

Condition improved after operation (File Pic)

Neighbor hit Rajiv’s chest with a heavy object. He fell unconscious due to a serious injury to the heart.

Noida. In a fight over car parking in Noida district of Uttar Pradesh, a person attacked his neighbor with a fatal attack. In this fight over car parking, the victim is so deeply hurt that he has reached the ventilator and his condition is very critical. The family members of Rajiv Lal, living in Sector 15-A, have alleged that there was a fight between Rajiv and his neighbor Bharat Moga to park the car.

It is alleged that some people were coming from outside Rajiv’s house on the evening of 26 December and at the same time neighbor Bharat Moga started to park the car in front of his house. When Rajiv asked Bharat to park the car at another place, it was heard. On this, Bharat hit Rajiv’s chest with a heavy object.

Senses did not come for three days

He fell unconscious due to a serious heart injury. He was rushed to Vinayak Hospital where he underwent treatment for some time, but doctors referred him to Kailash Hospital. Seeing the condition of the doctors in Kailash Hospital, he put them on ventilator. He did not become conscious for three days. Doctors operated on him due to cardiac arrest due to attack. There has been partial improvement after this, but there is a risk of life.Police has filed a case

In this case, on the complaint of Rajiv Lal’s family, the police has registered a case of attempt to murder against Bharat and the proceedings of the case are going on. Police say that the accused will be arrested soon.


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