Bigg Boss 14: What cricketers are doing in ‘Bigg Boss’s house’ – bio bubbles making life difficult for cricketers in ipl 2020


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Kings XI Punjab co-owner Preeti Zinta posted a video of herself doing a Kovid test on Twitter. Together wrote, ‘People ask me if IPL What is the team’s bio bubble? This is a 6-day quarantine period, a Kovid test after every four days, staying in your room, using the same gym and stadium that has been fixed for your team. This was Preeti’s 20th Kovid Test.

Every person involved in IPL has to follow these rules of bio bubble. In the video, Preity seems quite happy with this system. After all, this system is protecting them from the corona epidemic during the tournament. And the game is also underway, which was closed for a long time because of Corona.
But this system is mentally challenging for the players. Just think, same face, same place and same room. Life is like this within the bio bubble. Neither family nor friend. Cut off from the outside world.

Kolkata Knight Riders Captain Oan morgan And Sunrisers Hyderabad Jason holder Has clearly stated that players can be very mentally and physically tired due to being in the bio bubble for a long time. Who can know this better than a holder. He has also been a part of the England-West Indies Test match series before the IPL, for which he had to remain in the bio bubble for 51 days.

Holder still showed courage to remain in the bio bubble again during the IPL, but Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David warner Perhaps this is why Australia’s Premier T20 Cricket League is unable to play the Big Bash. According to Warner’s business manager James Arskin, Warner would like to spend his time with the family after the IPL ends.

The players are badly tired due to being in the bio bubble and it may be difficult for Warner to move from bubble to bubble in such a short time. However, Warner has not yet made any official statement about this.

Holder also believes that many players can cancel their game tours going forward due to fatigue caused by being in the bio bubble. Pakistan bowling coach and former captain Waqar Yunus Players are also upset due to their long stay in Bio Secure Bubbles. He says, “It is not easy for players and officials to spend such a long time in bio bubble. This environment is not good for his mental health.

Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Hafeez met his family one day during the England series, breaking the bio bubble rule. After which he had to remain quarantined for five days and his return to the team came only when his two tests came negative. Hafeez is not alone in breaking the bio bubble rule, England fast bowler Joffra Archer also broke the bio bubble rule in the series against the West Indies.

Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan, who plays for the Delhi Capitals, has described the bio bubble as Bigg Boss house. According to Shikhar, living in this environment is a completely new experience for all of us. it’s a challenge. Our mental strength is tested. It is exactly like staying in Bigg Boss house.
Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma also considers the Corona Bio Secure Bubble mentally challenging.

He says that teams are looking for ways to maintain the morale of the players in this environment. For the players, the best way to relieve fatigue and stress after a match was to spend time with family and friends, meet people, hang out for some time from the cricket world or go shopping.

Nothing like this is possible in bio bubble. The players have been in this bubble for over a month. Because of Corona, wags and girlfriends are not together. Players cannot even enter each other’s rooms. Even if you meet at a certain place with a distance of 2 meters. Here every player’s movement is monitored with the help of electronic devices, so that they do not ignore the rules of bio bubble.

This Bio Secure environment is undoubtedly protecting the players from the threat of Corona, but even the mentally and physically strong players are forced to kneel before it. Recall the innings of Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni against Sunrisers Hyderabad when he sat on his knees at the crease due to fatigue while batting. It was probably the first time Dhoni had seen Dhoni so tired of cricket. This was not a mere sultry affair. Bio bubble syndrome Is impacting the players.

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