Amrapali Dubey suffer from conjunctivitis on set of bhojpuri film aayi milan ki raat nirahua dinesh lal yadav – Amrapali Dubey’s health deteriorates on film set, sharing video reveals truth within film industry


The duo of Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey are currently shooting for their new film I Milan Ki Raat in Mirzapur. Amrapali Dubey’s health deteriorated during the shooting, which the actress has given through a video. During this, Amrapali Dubey has also told the truth of Bhojpuri film industry.

Amrapali Dubey said that she has become a victim of conjunctivitis (eye) due to which the shooting was completed using her body double. Amrapali Dubey said that when she woke up one morning, her eyes were not opening. On looking in the mirror, it was found that both their eyes were swollen. He has conjunctivitis. Amrapali Dubey said that this happened when she is shooting the film’s climax.

According to Amrapali Dubey, about his health, he was taken to the local eye hospital, including the director of the film, the producer and the production team. Amrapali Dubey said that he gave the director information about his health and expressed his inability to shoot. However, there were some scenes for which Amrapali Dubey had to go on the set.

Sharing the video on his Instagram, Amrapali Dubey said that the director or the actors associated with the film helped a lot, including the producer of the film. The actress said that in this situation, as much as my family members took care of me, I was taken care of. Amrapali Dubey raised the question that the Bhojpuri industry is very dirty, telling the truth of the film industry.

Amrapali Dubey said that I am feeling very lucky and happy. There cannot be a better place in the world. There will be some shortcomings, bad experiences with some people, but my experience has been that a family like mine is here at home.

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