bhabiji ghar par hain vibhuti narayan play by aasif sheikh was victim of hooting because of not being able to read urdu poem


Bhabiji is at home and Vibhuti Narayan aka Asif Sheikh is included in the TV’s supposed actor. But there was also a time when he forgot the lion in a program, after which he had a lot of hooting. This incident is associated with Banaras where Asif Sheikh is married. Vibhuti Narayan told that after this his cousin used to tell him that you can never become an actor. You do not even know the line.

Describing this entire story, Asif said that we used to go to Benaras for our maternal grandfather during the holidays. Many cousins ​​used to come at that time. So 20 to 25 people would gather in the house. Asif told that Nanihal had a very big mansion. And there was a Godown that we cleaned and set there and called people to perform. Tickets were also kept for this.

Asif further explained that everyone used to act differently during that time. Asif also had to read a lion but he forgot. Asif was hooted after forgetting the lion. During this time he was told that you can never become an actor.

Recalling the days of struggle, he said that when you do not have work, then there is depression. And then no one knows how much you have grown as an actor. Asif said that it used to be that 4-5 months is not work. Then I used to do theater. But I enjoyed acting. This is my passion.

Significantly, Asif Sheikh started his career as a TV artist but in later days he became a part of many big films. But there was a time when he started going through tightness. After not getting work in TV and films, he also auditioned the news reader for Doordarshan but he was rejected. And due to not getting work one day, he left Mumbai and went to Delhi.

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