Bhojpuri singer Radhe shyam Rasiya said I brought Khesari lal in industry- I am going to bring Khesari


In the 90s Bhojpuri songs of Diamond Star Guddu Rangeela and Radheshyam Rasia were very popular. However, both singers were also accused of spreading obscenity through Bhojpuri songs. Recently on these allegations, Radheshyam Rasia said that there was no vulgarity in my songs. At the same time, with the current superstar Khesari Lal said that I was the one to bring him.

In an interview to YouTube channel Gorakhpur Express News, Radheshyam Rasia said that all the artists who are singing in today’s era are singing with money. If I sing, I want two rupees. I do not have any business. The condition of the singers is that they have to drift towards the west and drift towards the east. Such people spend a month then sell bananas on the wheel. Radheshyam said that I am Rasiya and do not eat Basia. I give a brand new item.

During this time Radheshyam analyzed the songs that were accused of obscenity. While referring to Khesari Lal, he said that he is the one who brought Khesari Lal into the industry. Rasiya said that in today’s date, let me tell you that I am the one bringing Khesari Lal. He is my disciple He is my younger brother. Radheshyam Rasiya further said that I will put a phone will come to my house. He respects me And will do.

Radheshyam Rasiya is one of the earliest singers of Bhojpuri. Radheshyam Rasiya created a new market two decades ago with his Bhojpuri songs. Radheshyam has sung Bhojpuri Nirgun to Sad Songs and devotional songs together. At one time it was also said that due to the warmth of the songs of Rasiya, bullets were fired in the procession. Radheshyam Rasiya hails from Konhwan Mor in Gopalganj district of Bihar. Rasiya’s father also has a barber shop, which is still run by his brother.

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