Bigg Boss 14 Day 15 weekend ka vaar live updates this week have double eviction elimiation in bb14 wild card entry – bigg boss 14, day 15 weekend ka vaar live updates


Bigg Boss 14, Day 15 Weekend Ka Vaar LIVE Updates: Bigg Boss gives Rahul and Jan Kumar a luxury budget task under which both have to attract the members of the house with their melodious voice. Jaan Kumar gets a list of songs by his father Kumar Sanu. Jaan Kumar Sanu wins in the battle between the two. After which they are given a luxury budget gift hamper. According to the rule, gift happers have to share between four people. Which he shared with Nishant, Nikki, Ejaz and Shehzad.

Let me tell you that during the task, John Kumar dedicated his father’s favorite song for Nikki Tamboli. Jan Kumar said that Dad has sung 22 thousand songs, out of which only 5 songs were dedicated to his mother. Jaan Kumar, in the meantime, sang the song Yeh Jaana Sanam for Nikki. Nikki Tamboli jumped in happiness.

Let me tell you that the theme of Stormy Seniors vs Freshers is going on in the show at the moment, but soon the seniors are going to go out of the show and the new contestant’s wild card entry is going to happen. However, people are enjoying the Tu-Tu Main-Main of Seniors and Freshers. The seniors give the task to the freshers, which on completion provides them with the materials they need. At the same time, not one or two houses will be eliminated in Weekend Ka Vaar this week.

Significantly, 5 members have been nominated for being homeless this week, including the names of Jan Kumar Sanu, Abhinav Shukla, Rubina Dilac, Shahzad Deol and Jasmine Bhasin. According to reports, Jan Kumar Sanu and Abhinav Shukla are in the Danger Zone and if the double eviction happens this week, the same two members may be homeless. According to the media report, there may be entry of Naina Singh, Pratik Sahajpal and Shardul Pandit in the house. Along with this, news of Sapna Sapu coming into the house is also coming out.


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