Bigg Boss 14: The task of getting immunity crossed all limits! Jasmin Dragged By 4 Male House Mate – Bigg Boss 14: Beyond the limits of the task of getting immunity! Tussle with jasmine


Bigg Boss 14: Tasks are coming one by one in Bigg Boss house. Contestants are willing to do anything to prove themselves better than each other and to get immunity. In such a situation, Big Boss gave a new task in which the contestants were divided into two groups. Contestants have to grow grass on their own land in the Farmer Land Task.

Gauhar Khan, Hina Khan and Siddharth Shukla were made shopkeepers. Now in the meantime something happened in the task that made Jasmine very angry. Not only this, she was also seen angrily calling Ijaz Khan a ‘blot on the man’s name’. A new promo has emerged from Bigg Boss in which contestants also try to ruin each other’s land while trying to save their own land. Now, in such a situation, four mail contestants surround him on the land where Jasmine is saving.

What then .. Jasmine puts her whole life into saving her land. In the meantime, Chhina starts to flirt with him. Jasmine gets angry in the middle of the snag and snaps at the four contestants. The rest of the house members also say that 4 people have broken on one person. Then she tells Ijaz that ‘You are a blot on the man’s name.’

Now after so much hard work, it will be interesting to see which member of the house will get immunity. Who will win this task? And how will the loser react? Let me tell you, before this Sara Gurpal has parted from Bigg Boss. Sara is homeless.

Sara cried a lot while going out of the house. At the same time many house members said that there was no fair with Sarah. So the same thing started trending on social media that it was not right with Sara. Hina, Gauhar and Siddharth have taken the wrong decision and Nishant should have been evicted from the house.

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