Breathe Into the Shadows Review, Streaming on Amazon Prime: WHO IS Trying to make a father a killer? Abhishek Bachchan’s crime thriller ride is interesting – Breathe: Into the Shadows Review: Trying to make a father a killer? Abhishek Bachchan’s crime thriller ride is interesting


Breathe: Into the Shadows Review: Abhishek Bachchan’s Amazon Web Series Breath has been released. In the first season of Breath, there was R. Madhavan, while this time Abhishek Bachchan is seen in this crime thriller. Abhishek also stars Nitya Menon in the series. As interesting as the first part of the breath was, the interesting part of Abhishek is also part two.

Breath’s concept is to what extent a person can reach his family. Abhishek Bachchan is making a lot of solid in the serial role. At the same time, Nitya has also worked hard in the series, which is visible. Apart from Abhishek and Nitya, the series also stars Siamese Kher, Amit Sadh and Hrishikesh Joshi.

Abhishek plays Avinash Sabarwal in the series. His wife is Aura. Siya is the daughter of this couple. Both of them love Siya a lot. But meanwhile, Siya disappears somewhere. After a while, Anwash learns that his daughter Kidnap is gone. Kidnapper wants Avinash to kill some people for him. This series has a total of 12 episodes. Each episode is of 40 to 60 seconds.

People’s reactions have come to light after watching Breath, in which it is said that Amazon’s web series is average. However, this web series of Abhishek is getting positive reactions from most people. Users are liking Abhishek in Breath 2 that now the audience has started talking about the third part of Breath.

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