Bulbbul review, Released on Netflix: Anushka Sharma’s horror suspense thriller will get scared, but Bulbul’s ‘witch’ will win heart


Bulbbul Review, Netflix: Sometime back, Amazon Prime’s web series ‘Patal Lok’ made an impact with the production of Anushka Sharma. After this, Anushka’s film ‘Bulbul’ has been released on Netflix. Even before this, films have been made from Anushka’s production house such as Pari, NH10, and Phillauri.

NH10 and Pari were well appreciated by the audience. Now Bulbul has been released online on Netflix after this. You will get to see all kinds of spices in the film. Horror, drama, thriller, love and action are all present in ‘Bulbul’. Bulbul’s character in the film is very intrusting, which will leave a lot of emotion in your mind.

In this film of 1 hour 34 minutes, the story revolves behind Bulbul. This story is from the 20th century, which is the story of Bengal. In the film, Avinash Tiwari plays Satya and Bulbul is Trupti Dimari. The twist in this story of Bulbul and Satya’s love is that Bulbul gets married to Satya’s elder brother who is a middle-aged man i.e. Mahendra (Rahul Bose).

At the same time, Bulbul feels that he is married to Satya. Now after marriage, everyone starts living together. But one day suddenly Satya disappears. When Satya returns, she feels like nothing in the mansion. Now there is a shadow of a soul in that mansion. Meanwhile, his elder brother has also died. Satya now has to face that soul. Then it is necessary to see this film on Netflix to know what happens when Satya encounters Bulbul.

Bulbbul movie cast: Trupti Dimri, Avinash Tiwari, Rahul Bose, Parambrata Chattopadhyay
Bulbbul movie director: Anvita Dutt
Bulbbul movie rating: 3.5

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