Kangana Ranaut cried for not being able to work, said – hence the delay in filing tax


  Kangana Ranaut explains why there was a delay in filing tax?(kanganaranaut/Instagram)

Kangana Ranaut explains why there was a delay in filing tax?(kanganaranaut/Instagram)

Kangana Ranaut is one of the highest tax paying actress in Bollywood. This time due to non-work, there has been a delay in filing tax. The actress said that if the government wants, it should charge interest on late tax filing.

Mumbai : bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut I believe in paying taxes with honesty. Kangana remains in the headlines every day because of her statement. Although she sticks to her comment and tries to justify it, but this time she has accepted her mistake. This time Kangana was late in filing the tax and also told the reason for this. The Bollywood ‘Queen’ has posted on social media that the highest tax paying actress comes in the highest tax slab in Bollywood.

Kangana Ranaut has shared the story on Instagram. It has been told in a story that ‘though I come in the highest tax slab. I pay tax about 45% of my income. While I am the highest tax paying actress but due to non-work last year I could not pay half the tax. For the first time in my life, I was late in paying taxes, but if the government charges interest on the pending money, then I welcome it. These are difficult times for us but together we can all be stronger than ever’.

(courtesy: kanganaranaut/Instagram )

A day earlier, Kangana Ranaut had come to take stock of her office in Pali Hill, Mumbai. These days renovation work is being done there. Last year, BMC ransacked Kangana’s office, saying illegal construction.

Recently, Kangana was in the headlines for her comment on actress Yami Gautam’s photo. Let us tell you that after commenting on Yami’s photo on her photo, Vikrant Massey compared her to Radhe Maa. After which Kangana had targeted Vikrant Massey for his comment and called him a cockroach. After this, even reacting to Ayushmann Khurrana saying ‘simple and real’, taught the lesson of tradition.


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