Kapil Sharma shared an emotional incident when his father was in ICU and he had to direct a skit – when father was in ICU, he had to direct skit


Kapil Sharma is an established name in the comedy world. Kapil Sharma’s comic timing, which makes the audience laugh all the time with his show, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, is amazing. There have been some moments in the life of Kapil Sharma, who laugh every time in his show, even though he had to go through a period of mental agony, he had to do the show. In an interview to a YouTube channel called Zoom, he told how he had to do his work even after going through a period of emotionality.

He told, ‘If something bad is happening or has happened to you personally, then you do not get it out of your mind even if you want to. When I was a drama teacher in Girls’ College, I used to get a skit and so on. Once this happened my father was in ICU, AIIMS in Delhi. Someone told me that you have to come there soon and reach it as soon as possible in a couple of days. We had competition at that time and I had got the girls team ready for skit performance. If I don’t stay then girls won’t even be able to do it. I also noticed that my father is very serious there but had to see here too. I was directing them. I think there is some supreme power that helps you in such situations. ‘

Kapil further said that there are many occasions when someone’s phone calls and some bad news is received just before the program, in such a situation it becomes very difficult to do comedy. He told, ‘Once while I was shooting for Comedy Nights, by then I got a call from a friend that a friend of mine was killed. He was just 35–36 years old. Suddenly I felt that nothing could happen to me. I went behind the stage, took a 5 minute break and I also told my friend why you told me now, tell you later.

Kapil further said, ‘But I personally believe that when you go on stage, like I used to do Comedy Nights, Kapil Sharma does the show, there is some magic in the stage that you are able to work properly. You are going with a good intention that I am going to make people laugh, so I think the one above helps you and cools you down. ‘

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