Mumbai Bandra court has ordered registration of an FIR against Kangana to Promote communal haters


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s troubles are constantly increasing. Today, the Bandra Magistrate Court has ordered the Mumbai Police to file a case against Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and her manager sister Rangoli Chandel for inciting communal sentiments. The Magistrate Court of Bandra gave this order while hearing the petition of the private petitioner.

Fitness trainer Munnwar Ali Syed filed a petition against Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel. Munawwar Ali Syed accused Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel of inciting communal sentiments through Twitter and interviews.

The petitioner had also accused Kangana Ranaut through tweets and interviews of maligning Bollywood and creating religious rift among the actors. The petitioner had also cited Kangana Ranaut’s statement calling Mumbai as POK in her petition. The petitioner, through tweets and interviews, accused Kangana of disturbing communal harmony and demanded a police inquiry into the matter.

Hearing the petition, Metropolitan Magistrate Jayadev Khulay said that at first glance it seems that the accused have tried to incite communal sentiments through electronic media. Still, this case needs to be investigated by a specialist. Subsequently, Metropolitan Magistrate Jaydev openly ordered registration of FIR against Kangana Ranaut and his sister Rangoli Chandel.

This morning, Kangana Ranaut tweeted on her Twitter handle after the Paris incident, writing: “The lives of Hindus do not matter, Western countries are still making films on the massacre of 5-6 million Jews during World War II.” So this incident did not happen again. We do not know how many Hindus were massacred in hundreds of years of slavery. This figure may also be 100 times the massacre of Jews during World War II. “

Earlier, a court in Tumkuru district of Karnataka had ordered registration of an FIR against Kangana Ranaut for tweeting farmers who were opposing the Central Agricultural Laws. Kangana Ranaut’s tweet was severely criticized by farmers’ organizations across the country.

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