News 18, Amish Devgan on Live Debate: Why do you live on such a backfoot in front of the Congress Sambit Patra spoke to Amish Devgan in Live Debate; Got such a reply – Why do you live on such a backfoot in front of Congress? – Sambit Patra spoke to Amish Devgan in live debate; Got such a reply


During the News18 debate, Congress Party spokesperson Ragini Nayik clashed with BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra. So while Sambit Patra was seen saying in this debate, if he talks with a scream, he will not debate. The video of this debate has surfaced on social media, seeing which people are commenting in various ways.

During the debate in front of anchor Amish Devgan, Ragini says, “He didn’t say the item to anyone?” Incorrect references and wrong intentions are the work of some media media and the work of the entire Bharatiya Janata Party. I repeat again – I apologize with folded hands. No one has the right to hurt a woman’s heart. Sambit Patra also apologized for Narendra Modi. You will not question Sambit Patra, you will not question Narendra Modi. You keep on questioning the Congress party, go question the public, sit in the studio and debit it.

On this, related Patra says- ‘Amish bhai can I come now?’ Amish says on this – Sambit Patra, because you have talked about women, therefore, there will also be talk of ’50 million girlfriends’. Amish constantly clarifies the Congress spokesperson during this time that ‘the debate is not about Imrati Devi. Nevertheless, I gave this thing 5 minutes.

Then the concerned Patra says – ‘Amish ji, why do you stay on such a backfoot in front of the Congress? You are being spoken nonstop, tell me what should I say? He is making my voice less and making his voice louder. Amish bhai, you debate with Ragini, I do not want to get into a debate. Do not call me on the debate with those who shout. ‘ On this, Congress spokesperson Ragini Naik says – Don’t vote. Sambit said- Yes, will not come, will not come at all. There is no hobby to come.

Seeing this video, a user shared the clip and wrote – ‘When Congress spokesperson @NayakRagini ji started raising questions about media channel and BJP spokesperson, Sambit Panna was forced to leave the debate.’ So someone said- ‘The spokesperson himself said that Ragini I will not debate with If you come after some studies, then you will be able to debate the spokesperson with this lioness!

One user wrote- ‘Hey brother, of course the concerned Patra ji, he is never ready to listen to anything. She speaks exaggerating her own lies. She cannot digest the truth.

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