Rani Chattarjee on obscenity in bhojpuri songs and films


Bhojpuri films and songs are often accused of obscenity. The big actors and singers of Bhojpuri also come under the scanner. Rani Chatterjee, the well-known actress of Bhojpuri films, had responded to these allegations and said that being an actress, it is necessary to have a little glamor. In an interview to a YouTube channel, Rani Chatterjee said, ‘Since I started my career and my first film’ Sasura Bada Paisawala ‘was released, this question was asked and now it is asked even after 16 years . I do not do vulgar songs but a little bit – there will be glamor. It is important to work with glamor as an actress.

He further said, ‘This has happened many times and I have said that this thing does not look a bit right, can we change it? So those who are from Bihar say that no! The same happens with us. If we want this here, as an actress we have to do that. Rani Chatterjee told that this is what happens to most Bhojpuri actresses, they have no idea what exactly she is doing. They are taught that this is what is going on here.

He further added, ‘I also did some songs in the beginning, because I did not know the culture here. When I started to understand things, for the last three-four years, I don’t do songs like that, nor movies. ‘ Rani says that Bhojpuri films and songs that spread vulgarity mostly come from Bihar. He told, ‘People who spread pornography are not from Mumbai, I am from Mumbai and there are many people from Mumbai in the industry. Porn songs mostly come from Bihar.

Rani further said, ‘In the Bhojpuri films, when it was the era of Ravi Kishan, Manoj Tiwari, I have also been working from the same time. These people were well-settled actors, knew their limits and had a good understanding of their culture. That’s why he never used to do such films. Everything changed in later periods. Let us tell you that Rani Chatterjee started her career with the 2003 film ‘Sasura Bada Paisavla’ in which Manoj Tiwari was her co-star. Some of Rani Chatterjee’s successful films are Devra Bada Satavela, Chhotki Dulhan, Durga, Gharwali-Baharwali, Janam etc.

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