Republic Bharat, Debate Poochta Hai Bharat: Arnab Goswami lashed out at Mumbai Police Commissioner Said you started the game, I will finish, CM Uddhav has also avoided Parambir Singh ; Said- CM Uddhav has also avoided Parambir Singh


Arnab Goswami was seen on Republic TV on allegations made by Mumbai Police about the TRP scam. Arnab Goswami has posed many sharp questions to Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh during his show Ask India. Arnab asked- ‘If Parambir Singh does not have any evidence then how to file a case against the Republic?

He said- ‘Public your trust has proved that Republic India is impeccable. Republic India is fearless. Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh, who had accused us of the TRP scam on 8 October, now got himself caught in that lie. During the hearing of this case in the High Court today, the police lawyer said that he had no evidence against the Republic. Investigation has just started. He said that Arnab Goswami and Republic are not the accused in this case. Because the case is still at a very early stage. The Maharashtra government has also lost control over Parambir.

Arnab went on to say- “Uddhav government also understood that if Parambir could not implicate the Republic, then it is no longer of any use to Uddhav government. The Maharashtra government lawyer today said in the High Court that the case is still at a preliminary stage. If so, tell me, Sonia Sena, in which case you have nothing or there was nothing on 19th or 8th. Why were you jumping so much with him.

Arnab further said – ‘Did anyone bet you against the Republic? But we still did not stop. Listen to Parambir, whose house is made of glass, he does not throw stones at others. You threw stones at us but the opposite target hit you. I will finish the game you started. All the people of India will do it now. That’s why I filed a defamation case of 200 crores in you. You have lied so much that if the whole country cases even thousands of crores, then that too is less.

Arnab further questioned and said- ‘Did those who stand against Sushant and the saints conspired to discredit the republic along with Parambir Singh?’ He said- ‘How was the case filed against the Republic? If the Maharashtra government had no evidence then why were the republics falsely accused? The whole country is asking these questions, not just me.

Arnab further said- ‘Now the Maharashtra government is also not with Parambir Singh, then why is he not being removed from his post?’ He said- ‘Will other channels now show the news that I have filed a defamation case of 200 crore on Parambir. All of you together blamed us. Parambir’s deeds were accounted for. Now the number of people running the news market is there.

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