Salman Khan’s make-up artist Subhash Singh attacked, killed in handgun


Makeup artist Subhash Singh has lost a hand in the attack.  (File photo)

Makeup artist Subhash Singh has lost a hand in the attack. (File photo)

Artist Subhash Singh (Salha Khan) and Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra), who have been make-up, have been killed in a fatal attack. One of his hands is broken in the attack.

New Delhi Makeup artist Subhash Singh has a fatal attack after a minor argument in his society. He has been a makeup artist of many veteran actors of Bollywood. He has done the make-up of Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra. According to the report, Subhash was killed so much that one of his hands was broken. Artist told that after a minor argument in the society, he has been extracted from his blood. His hand is broken, due to which he runs his livelihood.

Artist Subhash explained about the incident. During the conversation till today, he said, ‘I had become disgusted about the repair of my house. When I asked a member of the society for permission to repair a broken window at home, he thought of it as a lonely attack and attacked me.

Accusing Prashant Kavale of Subhash, who lives in his building and a member of the society, he said, ‘He has misbehaved with me. When I protested against dirty abuses, I was killed like an animal. He has also broken my upright hand, with which I used to run my livelihood. Makeup artists are demanding justice. Please tell that Subhash has also filed a complaint against the accused at Goregaon Police Station. Currently, he is undergoing treatment at a private hospital.

Subhash has enlisted the help of crime lawyer Ashok Sarogi to lodge a complaint with the Goregaon police station. The makeup artist says that instead of helping, they are being pressured to come to an agreement. I live with my younger sister. My life is in danger even further. This matter should be taken seriously, otherwise these people will continue to kill weak people like me.


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