The battle between Salman Khan and Kamal R Khan continues, KRK tells the actor’s lawyer LIAR


KRK and Salman's controversy did not stop.  (Photo courtesy: beingsalmankhan / kamaalrkhan / Instagram)

KRK and Salman’s controversy did not stop. (Photo courtesy: beingsalmankhan / kamaalrkhan / Instagram)

Kamal R Khan has waged a war against Salman Khan on social media. Sometimes posting videos and sometimes accusing them. Now the lawyers of DSK Legal have been called false.

Mumbai : Bollywood actor Salman Khan And the cold war between the film Critical Kamal R Khan continues. Salman sent a legal notice on Kamal after defamation case. After this, Salman’s legal team DSK released a statement saying that ‘Kamal R Khan has shared the tweet and video alleging that Salman Khan has made a defamation case for negative review of the film’ Radhey ‘. . this is not right. The case has been made for accusing Salman Khan of being corrupt and defaming his brand Being Human involved in fraud, manipulation and money laundering ‘. In response to this, Kamal has shared Salman Khan’s lawyers by sharing a new video.

The film Critic Kamal R Khan shared a new video on Instagram and wrote in the caption, ‘Salman Khan is a lawyer’. In this video, Kamal is telling that ‘Friends as you all know that the lawyers of DSK Legal were sorry .. Liars gave a statement yesterday that the defamation case they have put on me has nothing to do with the Radhey review. is. I will not be able to speak a few things here because of the order of the court .. It is for the judge to decide whether this defense case is true or not. I can say this much with the guarantee that those who are DSK lawyers are lying completely because this defamation case is only for Radhe’s review. And now I will show this to you by proving this.

KRK further says’ See how the legal system works. If a man has committed 10 crimes, then a case of 10 crimes cannot be run on him. Different cases run for each crime. But with every crime, the details of the remaining 9 crimes are written. To prove that he is really a criminal. The same kind of defamation case can be done for the same, a defamation case cannot be made by adding 10 things.


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