183 countries including India opposed these sanctions of America, know the whole matter


United Nations. 183 countries, including India, have supported the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly, which has demanded the end of US economic sanctions on Cuba. India emphasized that continued sanctions undermine the credibility of multilateralism and the United Nations itself.

The US and Israel are the only ones against this resolution, which has been ratified with overwhelming support by the international community every year since 1992. The General Assembly started voting on this issue every year since 1992. The resolution, passed on Wednesday for the 29th year in a row, calls for an end to the economic, commercial and financial sanctions imposed by the US against Cuba. Last year it was postponed due to the Kovid-19 global pandemic.

The Central African Republic, Myanmar, Moldova and Somalia did not vote. Colombia, Ukraine and Brazil did not participate in a vote on a resolution that would “once again call on the countries implementing such laws and measures to repeal or invalidate them as soon as possible in accordance with their legal regime.” urges you to take necessary steps.

“The international community needs to intensify its efforts to promote a sanctions-free environment,” said Mayank Singh, counselor in India’s Permanent Mission to the world body during the UN General Assembly session. India hopes that the restrictions will be withdrawn as soon as possible. India supports the draft resolution presented by Cuba.

“There can be no doubt that the continued existence of this sanction, contrary to the world opinion expressed by this Assembly, undermines multilateralism and the credibility of the United Nations,” he said. ”

Singh said that as the world’s largest democracy with unwavering belief in multilateralism, India stands in solidarity with the General Assembly in this. Such restrictions affect the economic and social development of the affected country’s population, especially women and children. They also fail to take advantage of human rights, including the right to development, food, medical care and social services, among other things.


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