Aligarh News: Community special people prevented the procession from climbing, forced to flee 100 Hindu families


100 Hindu family forced to flee in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Aligarh News: When the procession was passing near the main road in Tappal in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. During this time, some people of the community opposed the procession and informed the police seeing the matter growing, after which the police have registered a case taking legal action.

Nearly 100 Hindu families are forced to flee in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh district in the village of Noorpur in Tappal police station area, resentful of stopping the procession by people of particular community. In the procession of Hindu family, people of particular community had fiercely beaten and the video of the fight has gone viral on social media, after which all the people have appealed to sell the house by writing that the house is for sale on the doors of their house.

Police has registered a report against 11 people belonging to a particular community on the Tahrir of a person, although Tahrir has also been given from the other side. Both are being investigated for Tahrir. The case is on the afternoon of 26 May, a resident of Nurpur village stopped the procession of two daughters of Scheduled Caste Omprakash and attacked the processions and Hindus of the village with sticks with sticks, in which about half a dozen people were injured.

It is being told that the procession was passing near the mosque on the main road. At the same time, some people of the particular community opposed the procession. Seeing the matter growing, he informed the police, after which the police took legal action and registered a case.

Hindu family, Bulandshahar, Aligarh Viral News, UP Viral News, Uttar Pradesh News, UP NewsGyanvati, who lives in the village, said that they do not let the procession go. He said that he is selling the house as per his wish. At the same time, Munni said that the procession came on the 26th. These people do not let the procession go through the way of entry from the village. He said that we have already settled here with him. These people have come later. Now when the procession arrives, these people beat and loot. Police has been informed but no action has been taken. What will they do when they are not allowed to stay here?

Gauri Shankar, who lives in the village itself, said that whenever our daughters’ procession climbs, these people do not give way to them. Castive words are used against us and we attack the wedding carriage. He said that he had taken away my mobile and ring, but he has not received it back till date.


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