All 77 BJP MLAs got central security amidst political violence in Bengal


Home Ministry took the decision to provide security.

Incidents of political violence have continued continuously since the elections in West Bengal. On one hand, the team sent by the Center has told the situation in the report submitted to the Home Ministry that the situation is bad, then the Chief Minister of the state, Mamta Banerjee has told the High Court that there was no political violence in the state.

New Delhi. Since the TMC’s victory in the West Bengal elections, incidents of continuous violence are coming to light in Bengal. In view of these incidents, the Union Home Ministry has decided to give protection of X category to a total of 61 BJP MLAs. According to officials, this security has been taken in view of the alleged violence against party workers and leaders in the state. Earlier, during the election campaign many BJP leaders were given CISF protection. Home Ministry has given security According to the news agency PTI, a high level team of officers was sent in West Bengal by the Ministry of Home Affairs. After seeing the input of this team and the reports of national security agencies regarding the violence going on there, the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to give protection to the MLAs. The security cover of the X-category consists of 3 to 5 armed men, who live with this security man round the clock. All the MLAs of BJP are in the security circleSome BJP leaders have already been given security cover. Now after this new order, all 77 MLAs of the party have come under the Central Security Cover. West Bengal leader of opposition Shuvendu Adhikari has already been given Z category security by the Center, while 4 more leaders have got security cover of Y category. BJP Opposition’s largest party While the TMC won 213 seats in the recently held Bengal elections, the BJP has emerged as the second largest party with 77 seats this time. On 5 May, Mamta Banerjee has sworn in as the Chief Minister. However, after the results of the election on May 2, incidents of political violence in Bengali started gaining momentum. Bijpi accused TMC of killing two party workers, which TMC denied. After which on May 7, a 4-member team of the Union Home Ministry arrived to take stock of the situation. Bengal government said ‘no political violence’ The West Bengal government has told the High Court on the incidents of violence that no political violence has happened in the state till May 9 and the government is taking care that such incidents do not happen in the future as well. The government gave this answer during the hearing of a PIL filed by a lawyer in the court. The court has asked the Bengal government to take all necessary steps by May 17 and has given the next date of hearing on May 18.


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