Amazon Quiz Today, 10 March 2019: Answer 5 questions in Amazon Daily Quiz Contest today and win Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone


Amazon Quiz Today, 10 March 2019: In the Amazon Quiz Contest today, on Sunday, March 10, Amazon is giving its users a chance to win Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in prizes. For this reward, users will be given five questions in the contest and they will be rewarded for answering them correctly.

New Delhi. Amazon Quiz Today, 10 March 2019, Online shopping site Amazon has brought a great reward for its users in its Daily Quiz Contest today, Sunday 10 March. Today users have a great chance to win Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and they can easily win this smartphone. If the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus wants to win the users, then they will have to answer five simple questions in the Amazon Daily Quiz Contest and for this they will have to download the Amazon Shopping app on their smartphone.

Only users who have Amazon’s app can participate in this quiz contest. Even if you are not a registered user of Amazon, you cannot participate in this quiz. Only mobile application users will get the benefit of this quiz. This Amazon Quiz competition will start from 8:00 am and will continue till 12:00 noon. The users who will answer the five questions given in the Amazon Quiz correctly, their names will be announced on March 31 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will be given in the reward.

Amazon Quiz Today, 10 March 2019: Today’s Amazon Quiz Questions and Answers

1. What item grants the superhero, Green Lantern, his extraordinary powers?
Answer: One Ring

2. Which of these actors will play the Genie in the 2019 live action remake of Aladdin?
Answer: Will Smith

3. Hemophobia is the fear of _____, fill in the blanks.
Answer: Blood

4. What is the dot that appears in the name of lowercase letters, ‘I’ and ‘J’ called?
Answer: Title

5. The novel, White Tiger, won the Man Booker Prize in 2008, and was the debut novel of an Indian-born author. who wrote this?
Answer: Arvind Adiga

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