Article 370 will be restored in Kashmir. BJP has targeted Digvijay Singh by issuing club house chat.


New Delhi. Congress leader Digvijay Singh, who has always been in the headlines for his statements, has once again come under the target of BJP. Digvijay Singh reportedly said during a clubhouse chat that if Congress comes to power, the idea of ​​reinstating Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir will be considered. It is being claimed that a Pakistani journalist was also present in this chat.

In this clubhouse chat, Digvijay Singh is purportedly heard saying in response to the question of a Pakistani journalist, ‘When they removed Article 370 from Kashmir, there was no democracy there. There was no humanity there, because everyone was put in jail. Kashmiriyat is part of the secularism there, because the king of the Muslim-majority state was a Hindu and the two worked together. Even in Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandits were given reservation in government jobs. In such a situation, the decision to remove Article 370 was very sad and when the Congress comes to power, the decision to remove 370 will be reconsidered.

BJP leader Amit Malviya targeted Digvijay Singh while sharing a part of Digvijay Singh’s clubhouse chat on Twitter. Amit Malviya tweeted and wrote, “Digvijay Singh, a senior aide of Rahul Gandhi tells a Pakistani journalist in a clubhouse chat that he will reconsider the decision to abrogate Article 370 if the Congress government comes to power. really? This is what Pakistan wants…’

After Digvijay Singh’s clubhouse chat was leaked, Union Minister Giriraj Singh tweeted the viral chat saying, ‘Pakistan is the first love of Congress. Digvijay Singh has conveyed Rahul Gandhi’s message to Pakistan. Congress will help Pakistan in grabbing Kashmir.

Targeting Digvijay Singh, BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra said, Digvijay Singh, when asked by a Pakistani journalist, says on getting rid of ‘Modi’ and on Kashmir policy that he will reconsider Article 370 if Congress comes to power . He referred to Hindu fundamentalists. Congress is the club house of anti-nationals.

On the statement of Digvijay Singh, who reinstated Article 370 in Kashmir after the Congress government came, MP Minister Vishwas Sarang has said that Digvijay Singh’s statement is a traitor to the country, treason, so action should be taken against him.

When there was a controversy over this statement, Digvijay Singh tweeted and clarified while attacking the BJP. He wrote, ‘The community of illiterate people may not understand the difference between Shall and Consider.’


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