BSP won the most seats in Banda district panchayat elections, BJP in second place


Banda district panchayat results of Uttar Pradesh came out. Panchayat Election Officer CDO gave certificates to the winning candidate. The election results of Banda District Panchayat brought news of happiness for Mayawati. Among the 30 Zilla Panchayat seats of the district, the candidates with the highest BSP support won and the Bharatiya Janata Party ie BJP in the second place. Raja Vishwakarma (SP) from Ward No.1 Rajni Yadav (SP) from Ward No 2 Manju Devi (BJP) Ward No 4 Indrajit Yadav (SP) Krishna Patel (Independent) from Ward No 5 Sunil Patel (Independent) from Ward No 6 BJP) Ward No 7 Arun Patel (BSP) Ward No 8 Bharat Singh (Independent) Ward No 9 Gayatri Singh (SP) Ward No 10 Seeta Singh (BSP) Ward No 11 Neeraj Prajapati (BSP) Ward No 12 Singh (BJP) Ward No 13 to Prema Nishad (Independent) Ward No 14 to Rekha Singh (BJP) Ward No 15 to Sujata Rajput (BSP) Ward No 16 to Santram Singh (BJP) Ward No 17 to Ashraful Amin (Independent) Ward Sadashiv Anuragi (BJP) from ward no 19, Rajrani (BSP) ward no 19, Ramkesh Rajput (bsp) from ward no 20, Meera Devi from ward no 21 (apna dal) from ward no 22, Mayank Dwivedi (bsp) from ward no 23 Asha Verma BJP) Sumanlata Patel from Ward No. 24 (Independent) Ward No. 25 to Rajkumari (Apna Dal) Ward No. 26 to Meerabai Patel (Apna Dal) Ward No. 27 Chandrashekhar Yadav (Independent) Ward No. 28 to Kamlesh Sahu (BSP) Ward No. 29 From Abdul From Rais (BSP) Ward No 30, Shivkaran Dinkar (BSP) has won the BJP candidates in 7 seats. In 10 seats, the candidates of BSP have won. In 4 seats, the candidates of Samajwadi Party have won. Apna Dal candidates have won in 3 seats. Independent candidates have won in 6 seats. Giving information, COD Heera Lal said that the results of 30 district panchayats of the district have been reached. The counting started from the 2nd, now the night has ended on the 5th of April.


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