Corona: Task Force constituted for 15 days ban in Maharashtra, preparations for the third wave


Mumbai. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has extended the lockdown like restrictions in the state by 15 days. However, such rules have been relaxed in some districts of the state, while restrictions have been made more stringent in some districts. Appealing to the opposition, Chief Minister Thackeray said that do not create pressure on the state government to ‘unlock’, we have to increase the lockdown due to compulsion. The health infrastructure of the state is being enhanced and the process of unlocking will be done in a phased manner. He said that no one had any idea about the second wave of Corona, its outbreak is quite large. The state government is planning to help the orphaned children in the epidemic.

On the examinations of school children, Uddhav Thackeray said, “The state government has decided not to conduct the class 10 examination. The examination is also going on in class 12. We are waiting to see what the central government decides. I will ask the Prime Minister I will request that they take a general decision on the children of class 12th. We hope that the central government will guide the examination of 12th standard and there should be uniform rules for all states. In the present situation, revolutionary decisions are needed, so that the children will be able to make their own decisions. Continue studying online. “

Lockdown helpful in overcoming Corona

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra said that the application of lockdown in the state has helped in preventing virus infection. Every person in the state will have to contribute to keep the village, tehsil and district corona free. He said that the establishments associated with farming will remain open as the kharif season is about to begin. Uddhav Thackeray said that a task force of pediatric doctors has been set up to prepare for the third wave of corona virus. With this, there is a plan to vaccinate all the eligible people. However, the lack of a vaccine is a major challenge.

Immunization of 18 to 44 will start soon

He said that we will soon start the vaccination campaign for people between 18 and 44 years. Thackeray said that there are 3000 cases of mucoramycosis in the state and during the second wave, the demand of oxygen in the state reached 1700 MT, while the state produces 1300 MT. The Chief Minister admitted that cases of Kovid infection are continuously increasing in some districts of the state, especially in rural areas, the pace of infection was much faster in the second wave and the recovery rate is also faster than the first wave. He said that we do not want to impose restrictions.

155 crores distributed among construction workers

In the last few days, Corona cases in the state have steadily decreased. But still the number of cases of infection is equal to the first wave. The decline in Corona cases is still not predictable. The Chief Minister informed that 2.74 lakh metric tonnes of food grains have been distributed to the needy during the strictness like lockdown. Rs 155 crore has been disbursed to construction workers and Rs 34.42 lakh has been disbursed to domestic workers.

He said that due to Toute storm, there were many challenges in the fight against Corona epidemic. However, Thackeray stressed that there should be a change in the rules of compensation given to compensate for the loss due to natural disaster.

In the last 24 hours, there have been 18,600 new cases of corona virus infection in Maharashtra, while 402 people have died. The total number of corona cases in the state is 57,31,815, while a total of 94,844 people have died due to infection, including 402 deaths on Sunday.

Talking about Mumbai, the total number of infections in the country’s financial capital is 7,04,622, while the number of new cases is 1062. In the last 24 hours, 22 people have died from Corona, while a total of 14,797 people have died due to infection in the city.


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