DGHS closed the headquarters control room as soon as the corona case decreased in Delhi, there was a demand to open again


New Delhi. Despite the decreasing cases of corona in the capital, there is concern among people about the third wave. Along with this, people also want to know about the health facilities of the Delhi government. This is the reason why there is a demand to reopen the DGSS Head Quarter Control Room which was closed during Corona in Delhi.

Apart from the people demanding to open these control rooms, now the nursing staff is also making it. Recently, a letter has been sent by All India Government Nurses Federation to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. In which he has appealed to open these closed control rooms. It has also been said that by doing this, not only the citizens of Delhi but also the people of other states who come to Delhi for treatment, NRIs and international travelers will also get help.

AIGNF has demanded from the Chief Minister that if they are reopened then people can be made aware about corona and corona vaccination and future health problems. Also, people will not have to come out of their homes to know about these things. They will be able to get answers to all the questions sitting at home which will be beneficial in this period.

It has been said by the Nurses Federation that this is a matter of general public interest. In such a situation, the Delhi government should pay attention to this. Let us inform that the DGHS administration has recently decided to close this control room related to Kovid. Whereas it was a great system for guidance. These control rooms were especially beneficial for those people who do not have access to community smartphone or internet. At the same time, through this, the problems of the people were also being known that what problems people were having to go through. In such a situation, not only was it helping the people, but the government was also getting to know where to help.

Thousands of calls are coming even though Corona cases are low

The federation says that before the decision of the DGHS administration to close these control rooms, while the cases of corona in Delhi have also reduced significantly, about 23 to 28 thousand calls are being received daily. Whereas when Corona was at its peak, 45 to 50 thousand calls were coming here daily.

DGHS implements the schemes which the government makes in the public interest. At the same time, they do not have the right to close or open any scheme or facility. Despite this, it has been decided to close them.

Control room has been handling these calls

According to AIGNF, the problems in the testing center so far in the control room, the problems of home isolation, guidance regarding policies, emergency situation, problems of people coming from outside, problems of domestic travelers, problems of corona patients and their mental problems , has been handling calls and advising people regarding post covid issue, medical and drug related complaints.


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