Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla fought firmly in the second wave of Kovid, will write a letter to all the MPs


Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla is very busy these days. During this Corona period, when the entire Parliament building is closed, the work in the office of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla seems to be going on continuously. Om Birla himself is sitting in his office by going to Parliament House every morning at 11 am. In the most difficult second wave of Corona so far, Om Birla has made it a part of his routine to go to the Lok Sabha every day to deal with the work and to know about the construction work of the new Parliament building.

Being an MP, he took care of his Lok Sabha constituency quota, but as a Lok Sabha speaker, he proved that Om Birla played the role of a bridge between the central and state governments in the midst of difficult situations like Corona, rising above the political spirit. performed. Along with all the MPs of the Lok Sabha, Om Birla was also in constant touch with the presiding officers of the state assemblies. Even by contacting the MLAs of the states directly, know the condition of their area.

Om Birla will write a letter to all MPs

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla is now going to write a letter to all the Lok Sabha members. Om Birla will ask all the MPs of Lok Sabha to share their experiences during the Corona period in their Lok Sabha constituencies. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha wants all the MPs to share their experiences which will be useful in the war against Corona in their Lok Sabha constituencies. The experiences and unique experiments of the MPs who were successful will be asked to send them to the office of the Speaker. Om Birla wants that these experiences will also be shared across the country by making a booklet and in the next monsoon session, the successful parliamentarians will be allowed to speak specially. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla says that these successful experiments done by the MPs will also give inspiration and will help a lot in dealing with the disaster in the coming days.Free education and coaching for children orphaned by Corona in Kota

Lok Sabha Speaker Birla’s parliamentary constituency is Kota, which is the country’s largest center of coaching for competitive examinations after 12th. That’s why Om Birla took care of the coaching students who came to Kota to prepare for the medical and IIT entrance exams and also took care of them like a parent till they reached home. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla did video conferencing with the school operators and coaching management of the parliamentary constituency on 19 May. After this, on the call of Om Birla, the coaching management decided that such children across the country whose parents or earning members of the family have died due to corona, if they come to Kota to prepare for the medical or engineering entrance examination. If so, they will be provided free coaching.

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Arrangements will also be made for their accommodation. School operators will provide free education to such children of Kota-Bundi parliamentary constituency who are studying in school and arrangements will be made for their books and uniform.

Reached every village to stop the wave of Corona in Kota

After the second wave of Corona, Om Birla first started the Kota-Bundi Kovid Helpline. In this 24-hour helpline at their Delhi office and camp office in Kota, any Covid patient can call and ask for help. Not only are the requests of the people in the office being noted and immediate action is being taken on them, but after working on them, the requesters are also informed. Om Birla says that he has distributed free medicine kits to thousands of homes in Kota. In Om Birla’s Lok Sabha constituency Kota, this work is going on since April 16. Such patients who do not have money to buy medicine or who do not have any service, then they can call the helpline and ask for medicine. In order to make the entire Kota division including Kota-Bundi self-sufficient in the field of oxygen availability, Om Birla established 8 oxygen plants, for which he got approval from the central and state government in a hurry.

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In order to create public awareness among the people in rural areas and help the Kovid patients to get proper treatment, teams of 3 to 5 members Health Corona Warrior Soldiers were formed in each ward and 281 gram panchayats of Kota-Bundi parliamentary constituency. is. Pulse oximeter, thermometer, mask, gloves and sanitizer have been provided to these teams. These health corona warrior soldiers are measuring oxygen levels on a door to door basis, measuring fever. If symptoms are seen in any person, then showing them to the nearest health center and also getting medicine.

Those medicines which are not available are being arranged. Serious Kovid patients are being taken to the district hospital or other nearby big hospital with the help of oxygen-rich ambulance. Apart from this, they are also doing public awareness work. Concentrator facilities have been made available free of cost at more than 24 places in Kota-Bundi, especially at community health centers and primary health centers in rural areas, which has brought great relief to rural areas.

Om Birla seen in the role of troubleshooter

If a family loses its breadwinner in Kota Lok Sabha constituency due to Corona, then Om Birla has announced that marriageable daughters of such families will also be married with public cooperation. Obviously, in the odd circumstances of the second wave of Corona, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla is playing the role of a troubleshooter. At the same time, playing the role of a strong bridge between the central and state government. Om Birla is constantly in touch with the presiding officers of the state legislatures and played an important role in getting the cabinet delegation sent by the state government to meet the central ministers. Om Birla says that whatever subject is being brought to his notice during this transition period, he is taking necessary action on it with full sensitivity.


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