Navy arrives in the battlefield to win the war due to epidemic;


Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh.

When any calamity comes on the country, the three parts of the Indian Army stand as our strength. Even in this phase of the epidemic, the three forces are engaged in delivering oxygen and medical assistance day and night. Navy troops have also landed on the ground during the disaster, while the work of bringing medical equipment through the sea is in progress.

New Delhi. The Indian Army, which is discharging its enemies who have a bad eye on the country, is presently on a war footing in the country’s breath. This time the army is fighting not an armed enemy but an invisible enemy who has created a furore everywhere. The three parts of the Indian Army remain the strength of the country. While the Air Force is engaged in transporting oxygen vaccines from one place to another, the Army is opening military hospitals for the people, while the Navy has also taken over. The Navy is engaged in completing the supply of oxygen from abroad, bringing containers and cylinders in the country, for the oxygen created in the country. Warships that have rescued the enemy’s sixes are making rounds to save the lives of their citizens. Meanwhile, Naval President Admiral Karambir Singh has given his message to the naval and retired employees. Expressing pride in the families associated with the Navy, he said that we will work as a team in an organized manner and will show us the best work for our country even in adverse circumstances. Navy chief boosted up Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh has said in his message that the country needs us and is working hard to support it at the moment. The infection of Kovid 19 is now spreading in the villages, in such a situation, our Naval units will go to the villages and help them like INS Chilka (INS CHILKA). Addressing the current and former employees of the Navy, Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh said that our teams are working not only in the ground but also to find some new solutions. He said that at present, work is being done on oxygen recycling module, multi feed oxygen manifold and remote monitoring system, so that it can be provided during the epidemic. Navy engaged in service of civiliansAccording to the Navy Chief, the Navy has given 111 ICU beds for the use of civilians. Additional support of 450 beds has also been prepared. 200 Navy personnel have been deployed in Kovid hospitals. Around 200 nursing support have been deployed, while 75 nursing assistants are being sent after training. Army’s ‘oxygen mission’ also at sea Indian Navy ship Quarkash arrived in India on Wednesday with two 20 metric ton oxygen containers and 230 oxygen cylinders from Qatar. These containers have been gifted by the Indian community of Qatar under the Oxygen Solidarity Bridge Mission. Earlier, Indian Navy warship INS Trikand transported 40 metric tons of liquid medical oxygen to the country. The French government has given this help. In the coming 2 months, cryogenic containers of 600 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen will also be brought. The warship Airavat has delivered 20 metric tons of cryogenic containers from Singapore to Visakhapatnam. At the same time, INS Kolkata warship is also bringing medical equipment.


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