SC directive- Central government formulates national policy for admission of corona patient to hospital


New Delhi. The Supreme Court on Friday asked the Center to formulate a national policy for admission of Kovid patients in hospitals. Earlier, the court was informed that some hospitals in NCR are seeking proof of local address from Kovid-19 infected patients. A bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud was hearing an automatic cognizance case related to Kovid-19 management in the country. The bench also comprises Justice L Nageswara Rao and Justice Ravindra Bhatt. The bench said, “The center will have to formulate a uniform policy for admission of patients.” During the hearing through video conference, a lawyer said that a person was refused admission in Noida Hospital because he had a Mumbai address on his Aadhaar card. Do not demand local address certificate from patientsThe court said that the central government should ensure that “no local address proof is demanded by the hospitals for admission of patients.” The apex court termed the second wave of Kovid-19 as a “national crisis” and warned people from the Center to the police chiefs to suppress the voice of help on the grounds that they were making false complaints on the Internet. Seeks answers at different rates of vaccine The Supreme Court said that the difference of buying the vaccine at 2 different price is about 30000-40000 crore rupees. In such a situation, why not buy the vaccine yourself and make it available to the states.
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The Supreme Court said that the government has the right to make the vaccine under the Patent Act. In such a situation, 10 PSUs can also make this vaccine according to affidavit. ================================================ ======================================== On exit poll, Congress said: Election results Have to wait (5-10 AM) New Delhi. After predicting the dismal performance of the Congress in the exit polls of 5 states (poll after poll) (5 State Assembly Elections Exit Poll 2021), the party has said that it will take the results of the upcoming assembly elections on May 2. Will wait In most exit polls, it has been speculated that the Congress’s dream of returning to power in Assam and Kerala will not be realized and it will have to face a tough defeat in West Bengal and Puducherry. In Tamil Nadu, the victory of the alliance led by the DMK and the presence of the Congress is predicted. Left coalition will form government again in Kerala, however, the party says that it should wait till May 2 when the results of the elections will come. According to the estimates of these exit polls, if the Left alliance remains in power in Kerala, it will be a big blow not only to the Congress but also to the former president of the party, Rahul Gandhi. There has been a change of power in Kerala every five years and in such a situation, the Congress hoped that it would come to power once again. The Congress had won most of the seats in Kerala in the Lok Sabha elections. Rahul Gandhi himself is also a Lok Sabha member from Wayanad in Kerala. The BJP will repeat the victory in Assam If the CPI (M) -led coalition in Kerala wins the LDF, it will be the first time in four decades that an alliance has been elected for two consecutive terms in the state. Like most of the exit polls in Kerala, the victory of the anti-Congress alliance ie BJP-led coalition has been predicted in Assam. Questions will be raised on Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi If the Congress fails to win the elections in Kerala and Assam, then along with Rahul Gandhi, the party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will also be questioned because the two leaders put full force in these states. In both these states, the Congress is in the role of the main opposition party. If the election results remain as per these estimates, then the Gandhi family may once again come under the target of the leaders of the party’s ‘G23’ group. There is a discussion that the leaders of this group are waiting for these election results to take their next step. Ghulam Nabi Azad and Anand Sharma are the prominent leaders of this group. Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said, “Exit polls are always projections that create the role of discussion. Congress has fought these elections unitedly and we will wait for the mandate to come. “Senior party leader Ashwini Kumar says that the exit poll estimates are disappointing for the Congress, but he expects a better result. ================================================== = Drones will be used to free the city in Karnataka, to deliver medicines and essentials. Drones (3 AM) Bengaluru, 30 April Along with doing this, drones will be used to deliver medicines and essential goods to the affected people. Bengaluru Central MP PC Mohan and Garud Aerospace have started this initiative together. Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa himself on Friday started the prohibited area to be virus-free. On this occasion, Yeddyurappa said, “Timely supply of emergency medicines and vaccines is important in this difficult time. I am happy that for the first time in the country, drones are being used to supply medicines and through this the virus is being freed in public places. “He told reporters,” I Garuda Aerospace and Mohan I appreciate the effort of the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister said that a drone capable of carrying 35 to 40 kg of goods can be used in the supply of medicines and essential goods apart from sanitization. ================================================== ======== Indian Navy deploys warships to bring medical oxygen from abroad (4 AM) New Delhi, April 30 (Language) Indian Navy undertakes special operation to bring oxygen-filled cryogenic containers from abroad. Started because there is a huge shortage of oxygen in the country due to the huge increase in the cases of corona virus. Officials said that Indian Navy warships were initially carrying oxygen from Bahrain, Singapore and Thailand. He said that two ships – INS Kolkata and INS Talwar have reached Manama port in Bahrain which will bring 40 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen to Mumbai. Officials said that another vessel INS Jalashv has left for Bangkok while INS Airavat is going to Singapore for the same mission.


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