Trial of two vaccines going on for children… ten big things about PM Modi’s address


New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the country on Monday evening, said that the government has been less to increase the availability of the Kovid vaccine. The government has been active since the beginning of Corona and has made every effort to control the epidemic. Read ten big things of PM’s address-

1. The fight of the people of India with the second wave of Corona continues. Like many countries of the world, it has gone through great pain during this fight. Many of us have lost our acquaintances and relatives. My condolences to such families. This is the biggest tragedy in the last hundred years. The modern world had neither seen nor experienced such an epidemic. Our country has fought together on many fronts with such a big epidemic. From the construction of the Kovid hospital, the network of ventilators, testing labs, a new health infrastructure has been prepared to fight Kovid.

2. During the second wave, the demand for medical oxygen increased unimaginably during April and May. Such a large quantity of medical oxygen was not needed in the history of India. But all the machinery of government was imposed. Wherever it could be available from every corner of the world. brought into. The production of essential medicines was increased manifold. Medicines were brought from abroad. The most effective weapon against an invisible and transforming enemy like Corona is the Kovid Protocol. Mask and two yards. Vaccine is like a protective shield for us in this fight. Compared to the demand for vaccines all over the world today, the countries and companies producing it are very few.

3. He said, imagine what happens in a country like India if we do not have our own vaccine. If we look at the history of the last 60 to 70 years, then it will be known that it used to take decades for India to get the vaccine from abroad. Be it polio vaccine, smallpox, hepatitis. For this the countrymen waited for decades. Till our government was formed in 2014, the vaccine coverage in India was only 60 percent. The speed at which India’s vaccination program was going on. In that way, it would have taken about 40 years for India to achieve 100% vaccination.4. The PM said that we implemented Mission Indradhanush and started the mission mode of running the vaccine program on a war footing and in just 5 to 6 years, the vaccination coverage went from 60 percent to 90 percent. That is, we also increased the speed of vaccination and took many steps to protect children from many deadly diseases. We did this because we were concerned about the children, we were concerned about the poor. We were moving towards 100% vaccination that Corona surrounded us.

5. He said that questions began to arise in front of the world that how India would be able to save such a large population. But India launched two made in India vaccines within a year. India has shown that Indian is second to none. As of today, 23 crore vaccines have been given to the people. It is said that only faith leads to accomplishment. We were confident that our scientists would be able to make a vaccine in a very short time. When our scientists were doing research, we had started logistical preparations.

6. The PM said that when there were only a few cases of corona in the country. The Vaccine Taskforce was constituted in the country. The government supported everyone. Vaccine manufacturers were given in clinical trials. Research funds were given. The government has walked shoulder to shoulder. Thousands of crores of rupees have been made available under the self-reliant India campaign. The supply of vaccine is going to increase in the coming days. Today 7 companies are working in the country to manufacture the vaccine. Work is underway on three more vaccines. To increase the availability of the vaccine, talks are on to buy the vaccine from other countries as well. Two vaccine trials are going on for children.

7. He said that apart from this, work is also going on on a nasal vaccine. If the country gets success in the near future, it will further accelerate the country’s vaccination campaign. Making a vaccine in such a short time is a big achievement for humanity. Nevertheless, after the vaccine was made, the vaccination program has not yet started in many countries of the world.

8. From June 21, the central government will provide the vaccine to the states. By purchasing 75 percent of the vaccine from vaccine manufacturing companies, the central government will provide the vaccine to the state governments. Be it poor, lower middle class or upper class. In the campaign of the Government of India, everyone will get the vaccine for free. Those who want to get the vaccine in private have also been taken care of.

9. Private hospitals will be able to buy the vaccine directly from the companies. Private hospitals will be able to charge only Rs 150 service charge. The states will not spend anything on this.


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