UP’s electricity consumers may get a big shock, proposal to increase the bill in the name of regulatory surcharge


UP: In Uttar Pradesh, UP PCL has proposed to introduce regulatory surcharge in electricity bill.

Lucknow News: In the midst of the ongoing lockdown in UP regarding the corona, late on Friday (14 May), UPPCL has sent a proposal to the Regulatory Commission to impose regulatory surcharge. The regulatory commission will hear this on 17 May.

Lucknow. Preparations have been started to apply Regulatory Surcharge on electricity consumers in Uttar Pradesh, which is suffering from Corona infection. UP Power Corporation (UPPCL) has sent a proposal to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission for regulatory surcharge. Late Friday (14 May), UPPCL sent a proposal to the Regulatory Commission. Now on May 17, the Regulatory Commission will hear this. On the other hand, opposition to this proposal of UP Power Corporation has also started. Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Consumers Council has termed this proposal as a burden on consumers. State Electricity Consumers Council President Awadhesh Verma said that the power companies and the government are trying to find opportunities in the disaster. Regulatory surcharge will increase the burden on electricity consumers. Electricity bill will increase by 10 percent He said that due to the regulatory surcharge, about 10% more will have to be paid in the electricity bill. Instead of the electricity rate, there is now a plan to raise the electricity bill in the name of regulatory surcharge. On the rise of electricity consumers of the state, the power companies had withdrawn Rs 13337 crore. Which was further said to give benefits to consumers. Now together, by the year 2020-21, it has been about 19537 crores. In lieu of this, a demand has been raised to reduce the electricity rates by 25 percent or 8 percent for 3 years or to give regulatory benefits. This is the whole case Awadhesh Verma said that due to this, the power companies of the state made a new conspiracy late last night and an old letter of the government has been cited by filing a proposal in the Regulatory Commission. It has been said that the decision given by the Commission in the past on the adjustment of Uday and Troop is not correct. The Commission should reconsider it. Because the power companies of UP should reconsider the data of the troupe from the year 2000 till now, 49827 crore is going out on the consumers with interest by the year 2020-21. On this basis, the regulatory surcharge should be applied again on the consumers of the state. Awadhesh Verma said that the consumer council will not allow the efforts to increase electricity rates to be successful. It is a matter of sadness that the government is also involved in the conspiracy of the power companies of the state, which is very condemnable. It is completely unconstitutional to find opportunities in this disaster.


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