Varanasi Zilla Panchayat Chunav Result 2021 Congress and BSP gain three seats each SP lose five seats


Varanasi, JNN. In the three-tier panchayat elections, the Congress and the BSP benefited from the seat of the District Panchayat member, while other parties have suffered losses. This time the Congress and the BSP have gained three seats each compared to the last election. In the 2015 elections, the number of Congress members was two while the BSP had one. At the same time, SP has lost five seats. In the last election, this party had 17 seats, this time it has got 12 seats as an authorized candidate. Including three rebel candidates, the number is going up to 15.

BSP’s winning candidates

1- Archana Singh Patel from Baragaon Sector No-1

2- Roma Singh Patel from Arazeline Line No. 7

3- Pushpanjali Patel from Harhua Sector No-3

4- Subhash Chandra Jaisal from Harhua Sector No-4

Congress won candidates

1- Sushil Singh Baragaon Sector 3

2- Sharad Singh Bhim Baragaon Sector 5

3- Savita Devi Pindra Sector No.3

4- Kanchan Yadav Pindra Sector No.4

5- Swati Singh Sewpuri Sector No.1

SP’s authorized and rebel won candidates

1-Sarita Yadav from Sector-Two of Kashi Vidyapeeth Block

2-Chanda Yadav from Sector 4 of Kashi Vidyapeeth Block

Renu Yadav from Sector 2 of 3-Araji Line Block

Lalit Yadav from 4-Araji Line Sector Five

Darshan Yadav from 5-Araji Line Sector Six

Padma Singh from Sewapuri Block Sector 4

Pramila Yadav from 7-Harhua Block Sector 1,

Moolchand Yadav from 8-Harhua Block Sector 2

9-Radhika Yadav from Harhua Block Sector 3

Kailash Sonkar from Sector 1 of Chiragaon block

Ramdhari Yadav from Sector 3 of Chiragaon block,

Susheela Sonkar from 12-Chiragaon block Sector 4

Babita Sonkar from 13-Cholapur Block Sector 3

14-Pindra Block Sector 1 to Alexander Mishra,

Shailendra Yadav from Sector 4 of 15-Baragaon block

District Panchayat Election

Party 2021 – 2015

BJP 07-09

SP 12 – 17

Congress 05 – 02

BSP 04-01

Ad S 02-07

Adkrishna 03 – were united

Other 7 – 12

Last zip The member had 48 seats. This time there are 40 seats.

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