Whether or not there is a vaccine, keep these three things in mind to prevent corona


Cases of corona virus infection are increasing in India. (Pic- Reuters)

Coronavirus in India: K Vijayaraghan said that even fully vaccinated people must wear masks, follow physical distance and stay in a well ventilated place. This should be done at the individual and community level.

New Delhi. K Vijayaraghavan, the chief scientific advisor to the central government, said on Saturday that people should take care of three things, whether vaccination or not, to prevent coronavirus. While the government and experts are constantly insisting on maintaining masks and physical distancing, Dr. Vijayaraghavan has also added ventilation to this list. “During this boom, these interventions are urgently needed to reduce the pressure on the health care system,” he said. Vijayaraghavan said that it is necessary for all to follow this at the individual and community levels. “The center insisted on being isolated in a ventilated room in its guideline for home remedies for Kovid-19. Or any of the vaccine doses of covaxin, they should also live in a well ventilated room. The consultant said, the need to wear masks and maintain social distance is not less than vaccination. Even the Ministry of Health It is also advised to wear masks inside. Also read- PM Modi’s meeting on Corona, big instructions given from testing to ventilator Will have to be prepared for new waves of CoronaEarlier Vijayaraghavan had recently warned that one should be prepared for new waves of corona virus. Vijayaraghavan also said that it was not predicted how intense the second wave of Corona virus would be in the country. He said that although the vaccines are effective against the new type and double mutation of Kovid-19, which have appeared in the UK, there is a need to monitor and update the vaccine in the wake of further mutations of the virus. He said that in terms of vaccines and other types of situation, it is necessary to be ready with a change in strategy. The country’s top scientist said that due to less precautionary measures, less immunity in the population from the first wave, the second wave is getting more intense and so far thousands of people have lost their lives and millions have been infected across the country.

He said that due to many factors, this second wave is becoming more intense and new types of Kovid-19 are one of them. He said that the first wave was at the highest level in September last year and after that there was a decrease in cases. Said that the first wave declined due to two factors.


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