World Environment Day 2021: BSF will prepare green wall on the border with Pakistan, greenery will come in the desert


BSF planted saplings on the occasion of Environment Day.

World Environment Day 2021: BSF personnel guarding the country’s border have started a unique campaign to build a ‘wall of greenery on the border’ in Rajasthan. Announced to plant 4 lakh saplings on the border with Pakistan in Barmer on the occasion of Environment Day.

Barmer. The Border Security Force (BSF) on the border with Pakistan in the sandy Barmer of Rajasthan has made a unique start on World Environment Day. This time as soon as the monsoon becomes active, BSF will get intensive plantation done in the border area. For this, saplings are being prepared from the nursery at the BSF sector headquarters itself. Thousands of medicinal and indigenous plants have been prepared in this nursery. To grow the plants, he has prepared a nursery at his own level. In this, along with developing 4 lakh saplings so far, seeds ball has also been prepared, which will be used to grow plants in the villages of the border area.

Due to the sandy area and lack of water, they are being planted here using Israel’s famous Matka method and drop-drop system. The entire nursery of BSF has been prepared organically. Vermicompost has been prepared by composting cow dung and fallen leaves from regular trees. 4 lakh saplings have been prepared from this. According to BSF Sector Headquarters DIG Vineet Kumar, 22 meters before the fencing of the border, in two layers, intensive plantation will be done for 270 km adjoining Pakistan.

DIG Vineet Kumar told that this campaign will be started after the monsoon arrives. Plants have been prepared for this. He told that this campaign is being run to protect the environment and make the border area green. He said that in the sandy river of Barmer, this wall of valiant greenery on the outskirts should be covered with Neem, Sheresh, Google, Kaner, Sweet Neem plant along with Aloe Vera, Google, Lemon, Evergreen, Hawthorn, Tulsi, Mehndi, Datura, Carr, Tamarind, You will be seen doing greenery with plants like guava.

Not only this, apart from planting saplings near Tarbandi, there is also a plan to distribute four fruitful saplings of each house to the people in the villages. BSF has demanded 20,000 fruit-bearing plants from the Forest Department regarding this. Out of this 5000 saplings will be available soon. These plants will be given to the villagers in the villages of the border. The BSF, deployed to save the country from the nefarious eyes of enemies on the border, will now be seen setting a new dimension by taking a historic step in protecting nature with this innovation.


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