How to keep the car safe in summer, there will be no fear of tire burst, follow these 6 tips. car care tips for summers in india these 6 tricks will help you to keep your 4 wheelers safe

Car care tips are very important in the summer season. In addition to servicing it from time to time, while checking on the long route, please check its tire pressure. Take care of the car in summer As soon as the summer season arrives, it becomes necessary to take care of the four-wheeler (Car Care … Read more

Like a car, you will get AC like cool in two wheeler, put this device in the helmet in summer. helmet cooler get relief on summer season while riding bike or other two wheelers

The helmet cooler is a better option to avoid the heat while driving a bike or scooty. For this, by applying a special device in a normal helmet, you can get coolness in it. You can also use a readymade helmet cooler. Helmet cooler It is very difficult to travel with a two wheeler in … Read more