5 shocking things that can happen in an episode of SmackDown

The next episode of WWE SmackDown is going to be very important. WWE has not yet announced anything for this episode. This will be the first episode of SmackDown after Crown Jewel 2021. SmackDown will have a fresh start with this show as the new roster will be seen for the first time after the … Read more

Big changes to the Blue brand since the draft

The WWE SmackDown brand is an integral part of WWE. WWE has been hosting this show for years. Many WWE Superstars have had tremendous success working on this show. The show was started by WWE in 1999. WWE later introduced the draft. This increased the stature of SmackDown. SmackDown began to be rated as a … Read more

Fans rage over WWE over Roman Reyns’ fraudulent victory over Brock Lesnar and controversial end

In the main event of WWE Crown Jewel PPV, Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar and successfully retained his Universal Championship. However, this match did not end in a clean manner at all, due to which a lot of questions have started to arise. In fact, in the last minute of the match, Lesnar gave F5 … Read more

AEW’s big superstar praised Roman Reyns, saying “I’m a big fan of him.”

AEW superstar MJF has given his opinion about WWE superstar Roman Reigns in a recent interview given to Rasslin. MJF and Rance are currently counted among the biggest heel superstars in the pro wrestling industry. MJF’s villainous character has come to the fore even more due to his character remaining in the interviews. The AEW … Read more

“Vince McMahon called my match the worst match in WWE WrestleMania history”

Former WWE star Chris Jericho has made a big revelation recently. According to Chris Jericho, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon did not like his match against Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 33. Not only that, Vince had told Owens that his match against Chris Jericho was the most useless match in WrestleMania history. The match between the … Read more