CG Health Department Ready Before Second Phase Of Coronavirus Returns – Health Department will be ready before second phase of corona virus is returned


– 400 beds containing oxygen ready for serious patients infected in Ayurvedic Hospital
– Home isolation facility will remain for A Simomatic patients, Prayas Center will also be operated

Raipur. There is a significant decline in the number of corona infected patients in the capital. There are far fewer patients in October than in September, yet the Health Department does not want to leave any stone unturned. The cold weather is expected to return the infection, due to which the Health Department has started preparations.

The corona in the Ayurvedic hospital is empty of infected patients yet OPD will not be operated. It will be reserved for corona patients. 400 beds of oxygen are being prepared here. The work of laying oxygen pipelines is going on. Significantly, the continuous increase in the rate of corona infection in August-September raised the concern of the Health Department.

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The problem of oxygenated beds was starting to arise in hospitals. Corona infected patients were forced to go to private hospitals even though they did not want to. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel had directed to arrange 560 oxygenated beds. Treatment was started by recruiting serious patients by arranging 60 oxygenated beds in ESIC Hospital and 100 in Lalpur Hospital. The Ayurvedic hospital is in operation. The number of infected patients has started to decrease, yet the Health Department will prepare and keep oxygenated beds so that if the infection spreads again, serious patients do not have to face any kind of trouble.

Kovid centers empty, many closed
Covid centers designed for asymptomatic (low and non-symptomatic) patients are lying vacant, which are being planned to be closed. Some Kovid centers have also been closed. One of the two wings operated at Saddu, Aayush and the Kovid Center at Upvara have been closed. There is only one patient left in the indoor stadium, which will be closed within a day or two after its recovery.

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The Fundhar Kovid Center will also be closed on October 23, possibly. Effort Center at Gudiyari will continue to operate. Corona infected patients will be admitted here. Serious patients will be admitted to AIIMS, Ambedkar Hospital and Mana Civil Hospital. At present, adequate beds are lying vacant in AIIMS and Ambedkar Hospital. Home isolation facility will continue for patients.

Raipur CMHO Dr. Meera Baghel said, on the instructions of the government, 400 beds containing oxygen are being prepared in the Ayurvedic Hospital. Covid centers have been emptied due to home isolation, which are being closed. Serious patients will be admitted to hospitals.

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OPD and research are affected
OPD is being operated in two rooms of the college due to the establishment of Ayurvedic Kovid Hospital. Many departments including Panchakarma have been closed. X-rays and many other tests are also not being done. The research of students is also being affected by the OPD being conducted in the college.

Earlier, in the Ayurvedic Hospital where more than 300 OPDs were used, now 100 to 150 has been reduced. The Principal of the college, Dr. GS Baghel, says that the Kovid Center has been built on the orders of the government. Presently there is not a single patient, yet OPD cannot be conducted without orders from the government.


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