Corona Virus: More Than 3 Lakh Cases, 2760 People Have Lost Their Lives, Situation in Delhi Worsens


The country does not seem to be getting any relief from the havoc of Corona. More than three lakh cases of corona virus have been reported in the country for the fourth consecutive day and till date this has not happened in any country of the world. On Saturday, 3.49 lakh cases have been reported in the country and 2760 people have died. The death toll in Delhi and Maharashtra has been steadily increasing.

In the last three days, 7500 people have died in the country. The number of infected is breaking records every day. With this, the total number of infections increased to 1,66,10,481, while the number of active cases has exceeded 2.5 million.

According to data received by Kovid 19 India ORG till late Saturday, 3.49 lakh new cases have been found in the last 24 hours. 2,760 people have also lost their lives during this period. With this, the number of total infected has exceeded one crore 69 lakh.

Out of these, more than one crore 40 lakh 75 thousand patients have been completely cured and so far 1,92,199 people have lost their lives. Active cases have increased to more than 25 lakhs.

Maharashtra most affected
Maharashtra is the most affected state and more than 65 thousand cases are being reported daily. 773 people died here on Friday. This was followed by Delhi where a total of 357 people lost their lives. More than 20 thousand cases are being reported daily in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, and Karnataka. Chhattisgarh is also badly affected by the Corona virus and more than 15 thousand cases of infection are coming here every day.

Things are bad in 12 states
According to official data released by the ministry, 12 states including Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Bihar and West Bengal are witnessing an increase in daily cases of infection. .

Total 74.15 percent cases in these states
Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Rajasthan account for 74.15% of the total infection cases in the country. Not only this, 66.66 percent of the patients under treatment are from Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kerala.


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