Which mask is better N95 or cloth in pollution and pandemic?


If you can buy N95 or N99 masks, then leave the cloth mask.

If you live in Delhi-NCR or a place where pollution increases before winter, then single-layer cloth masks should be discarded. Similarly, scarves should not be used to cover the mouth.

Professor Arun Sharma of University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi, says that wearing any mask is better than not wearing any mask.

Dr. Sharma said, “All masks act as a barrier against particulate matter. But their effects are different from each other. Basic masks droplet filters do well, but they do not protect against airborne particles like the N95. ” Sharma said that the maintenance of the mask also affects its ability to protect it from contaminated particles.

According to Dr. Sharma, who has done a lot of research on pollution levels in Delhi-NCR:

N95 mask is the most basic and good option to protect yourself from pollution and corona virus. The 95 code states that these masks can filter PM 2.5 particulate matter up to 95 percent.

You can also choose N99 masks and these are the better option. They can filter up to 99 percent of PM 2.5 particulate matter. But like the N95, they are not effective against oil and oil-based pollutants.


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