CBSE 12th Result 2021: Trying to release the result in the shortest possible time: Anurag Tripathi


CBSE Secretary said that the result of the examination will be released soon.

CBSE result may be released soon. Board secretary Anurag Tripathi said students should not pay heed to rumours.

New Delhi. Students of class 12, do not pay attention to any kind of discussion or rumor regarding the result. CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi has said in a conversation with a private TV channel that the process of releasing the results of CBSE is under consideration. So far no decision has been made public regarding this. He says that the board is considering every aspect in this regard. The CBSE secretary also said that the idea will not take very long. The Supreme Court has given two weeks to CBSE, in which the board will have to decide on what basis it will prepare the results of the students. The process of preparing the result will start only after this.

CBSE secretary said that students will not have to wait long. The board is trying to release the result soon.

The result will be released within the stipulated time. In a way, he indicated that the past record and practical performance of the students would also be taken into account for preparing the result. He said that all the records will be called from the schools. Along with this, committees will also be formed in schools for this.

He said that a lot of data has to be collected from schools and it will definitely take some time to analyze them. Despite this, the secretary assured that the board would release the result before the process of admission in higher education institutions of the country and abroad begins. . Similarly, this time collecting data and analyzing them will take time, but efforts will be made to do it faster.

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