Which is the longest lake in India? Read such 10 important questions general knowledge top 10 questions for upsc banking, ssc railway sarkari naukri preparation gk question


New Delhi. General knowledge (GK) questions are definitely asked in all competitive exams like Bank, SSC, Railways, Civil Services etc. Therefore, to ensure success in government jobs, its preparation is necessary. We have brought 10 such objective questions of GK related to subjects like history, art and culture, environment, politics etc. which can help you in competitive examinations. 1.What is the capital of Norway? (A) Rome (B) Buenos Aires (C) Ottawa (D) Oslo Answer (D) Oslo 2. Which of the following continent has the smallest land area? (A) Europe (B) Antarctica (C) North America (D) South America North- (A) Europe 3. Which process takes place in the young age of a river? (A) Rejuvenation of the river (B) Broadening of the valley (C) Deepening of the valley (D) Shattered rams (Mendering) Answer- (C) Deepening of the valley 4. In which state is the Nandadevi peak? (A) Uttarakhand (B) Himachal (C) Uttar Pradesh (D) Sikkim Answer- (A) Uttarakhand 5. Which is the longest lake in India? (A) Pulicat Lake (B) Vembanad Lake (C) Pangong Lake (D) Kalairoo Lake Answer- (B) Vembanad Lake 6. India’s largest peninsular river is (A) Godavari (B) Krishna (C) Ganga (D) ) Mahanadi Ans- (A) Godavari 7. Which state of India has most forest? (A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Uttarakhand (C) Kerala (D) Uttar Pradesh Answer- (A) Madhya Pradesh 8 What is the practice of growing crops among the rows of trees? (A) Jhoom farming (B) Social forestry (C) Tongya system (D) Agricultural forestry Answer – (C) Tongya system 9. What is South Gangotri? (A) Automatic station located in Antarctica (B) River valley in Andhra Pradesh (C) Second source of river Ganges (D) Island located in Indian Ocean North- (A) Automatic station located in Antarctica 10. Where is the construction of heavy water is ? (A) Patna (B) Tombe (C) Delhi (D) Bhilai Answer- (B) Tombe You can read these questions of GK by clicking here read this also- GK Top 10 Questions: Which city is called Manchester of South India? Top 10 GK Questions: Which mountain range separates North-South India?

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