Who is Manchester of South India?


New Delhi. General knowledge (GK) questions are definitely asked in all competitive exams like Bank, SSC, Railways, Civil Services etc. Therefore, to ensure success in government jobs, its preparation is necessary. We have brought 10 such objective questions of GK related to subjects like history, art and culture, environment, politics etc. which can help you in competitive examinations. 1. What is the duration of Rabi crop? (A) June to September (B) April to June (C) May to August (D) October to March Answer (D) October to March 2. Who is called Manchester of South India? (A) Salem (B) Coimbatore (C) Thanjavur (D) Madurai Answer- (B) Coimbatore 3. What is found in plenty in the sand of the Kerala coast (A) Radium (B) Calcium (C) Thorium (D) Manganese Answer- (C) Thorium 4. Which one of these railway stations is a World Heritage Site (A) Howrah Station (B) Kharagpur Station (C) Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (D) Kanpur Central Answer- (C) Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus 5. Bodo language is mainly spoken in which state? (A) Karnataka (B) Assam (C) Rajasthan (D) Andhra Pradesh Answer- (B) Assam 6. Which city in India is known as the city of palaces? (A) Kolkata (B) Jaipur (C) Gwalior (D) Udaipur Answer- (A) Kolkata 7. Which state does M represent in BIMARU (A) Manipur (B) Maharashtra (C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Mizoram Answer – (C) Madhya Pradesh 8 Direct tax mainly affects whom? (A) on consumer goods (B) on food prices (C) on capital goods (D) on income Answer (D) on income 9. Who controls loans in India (A) State Bank of India (B) ) Reserve Bank of India (C) Life Insurance Corporation (D) Ministry of Finance Answer- (B) Reserve Bank of India 10. Who sponsors Regional Rural Bank (A) Reserve Bank of India (B) Nationalized Commercial Bank (C) State Bank Of India (D) Government of India Answer- (B) Nationalized Commercial Bank You can read these questions of GK by clicking here read this also- IAS Preparation Tips: To become an IAS officer, it is necessary to have interest in Passion and reading TET Exam 2021: Application for Kerala TET May exam starts, learn details

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