According to many fitness experts, morning breakfast is the most important part of our day. Breakfast in the morning should be full of nutrition which gives us energy throughout the day. But often people are worried about making breakfast in the morning. Today we have brought you some easy recipes that you can try every morning and make your day start with nutrition.

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Soya cutlets –
If you are looking for a healthy and tasty recipe, soya cutlet is a great option. This recipe is prepared in a few minutes, but the soy present in it gives you the strength to keep moving throughout the day. Made from soy and bread, this recipe has a crisp taste that makes it even more tasty.

Yogurt semolina sandwich –
Both yogurt and semolina are considered beneficial for health, so in this way a delicious sandwich made from their mixture can bring water to your mouth. This is a recipe that is liked by both children and the bad. You can also take this recipe with breakfast in the morning in tiffin.

Potato Poha –
This recipe made with a mixture of potato and poha is very tasty and can be prepared quickly. This recipe is prepared in just two ingredients, which you will like to eat as your morning breakfast.

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