50 Cent signs 3-film deal with Eli Roth, 3 Backlades


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50 Cent signs 3-film deal with Eli Roth, 3 Backlades
Image Source: INSTAGRAM / 50 CENT

50 Cent signs 3-film deal with Eli Roth, 3 Backlades

The rapper-producer is reaching the spot of horror with a three-feature film deal with 50 Cent, filmmaker Eli Roth and indie studio 3 Blackdot. The 45-year-old rapper’s banner G-Unit Film & Television will collaborate with Arts District Entertainment, headed by Roger Birnbaum, Roth and Michael Besman, to develop feature films.

According to Billboard, 3BlackDot will serve as the financier and studio behind the projects

50 Sentiment said in a statement, “Ellie, James, Roger, Michael, and 3 Blackdot G-units will be great partners in the acquisition of the horror genre of film and television. I can’t wait to show the world what we are doing. ” .

Roth, known for directing horror cult movies “Cabin Fever”, “Hostel” and “Hemlock Grove”, said he wanted to bring interesting content to the deal.

“Both 50 and James (Fray) have never shied away from controversial, boundary-pushing material and have made a massive global cultural impact with their raw creative energy. We want to bring the same fun and danger to this new fantastic slate of high-quality scatter films. We want to make films that are too afraid to make others.

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