50th kerala state film awards winners list vasanthi wins best film award and suraj venjaramoodu got best actor trophy


Rizwan Noor Khan

13 Oct, 2020

In addition to the National Film Awards in the country, State Film Awards are given to artists for promoting cinema. In this episode, the winners of the Kerala State Film Awards were announced on 13 October. Culture Minister of Kerala AK Balan honored the winners of several categories including Best Film, Best Actor and Best Actor by giving mementos.

Dubbed movies of Kerala are popular in Hindi belt too
Kerala Film Industry has a major contribution in the field of regional cinema. The films of Kerala film industry in South are quite popular. Apart from this, the Hindi dubbed versions of these films are also liked by the viewers of the Hindi belt. This is the reason why people watch Kerala-language films in the North, apart from the South.

Vasanthi Best Film and Suraj Best Actor
The Kerala State Film Awards are presented to artists working in the Kerala film industry. The film Vasanthi has been awarded the Best Picture at the 50th Kerala Film Festival. Second best film Kanchira was selected. Actor Suraj Venjaramudu was awarded the Best Actor Award.

Kani Kusruti selected best actress
According to an ANI report, Kani Kusruti was voted Best Actress for her performance in the film Biryani. Best director award was given to Lijo Jose Pellissery for the film Jallikattu. Best Debut Director Rathish Balakrishnan was chosen. The Rahman Brothers won the Best Screenplay Original for the film Vasanthi.

Film Nani won 3 awards
The film Nani was awarded the Best Children Film. Vasudev Sajesh Mara, Sulu and Kallanottam were honored with the Best Child Artist Male Award for outstanding performance in the film Nani. Katherine Viji, who acted in the film Nani, was voted Best Child Artist Female.

4 big awards in music also announced
Sushin Shyam Kok won the Best Music Director award for his performance in the film Kumbalangi Nights. Best Singer Male Nazim Arshad was chosen, while Best Singer Female Mudhushree Narayanan was chosen. Ajmal Hasbullah was awarded for Best Background Music. Karan Das managed to win the Best Editor Award.… NEXT

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