Aa Gaya Golu Gold’s Bhojpuri song Tak Detu Choti Ta Mar Jayeti, you will jump to the tune of the song; Watch Video


Golu Gold’s new song is making a splash on YouTube.

Golu Gold’s Bhojpuri song ‘Taak Detu Chhoti Ta Mar Jaiyiti’ is becoming increasingly viral. This song has created panic. The song has garnered 1 million i.e. more than 10 lakh views in a few hours.

Video | Golu Gold | Taak Detu Chhoti Ta Mar Jaiyiti | Tak detu chhoti ta die jaiti | New Bhojpuri Song | Golu Gold is known for banging and funny songs in Bhojpuri music industry. The songs of Golu Gold create a lot of panic. His songs are super hit on social media. Golu Gold’s songs have fun, fun, but their songs are also cool. Now a new song of his has been released which is becoming increasingly viral. The name of this song is ‘Taak Detu Chhoti Ta Mar Jaiyiti’.

Golu Gold’s new song ‘Tak Detu Choti Ta Mar Jayeti’ released on Saregama Hum Bhojpuri’s YouTube channel is getting a great response. This song has crossed the one million views i.e. one million views in a few hours. The song has 1,041,914 views till the time of writing this news. The actress of Golu Gold is looking very beautiful in this song. His acts are making people crazy. The dance of his actress is very fun. The dress of Golu’s actress is also very attractive, seeing that people’s eyes are being left open. Golu Gould also looks like a rockstar in the song. This song of his has been written by Prabhu Vishnupuri while music of the song is given by Chhotu Rawat.

Youtube Video

A few days ago, a very romantic Bhojpuri song by Golu Gold was released ‘Dosh Ba Othaliya Ke’ which is blowing the neck. His fans are very fond of the song. That is because in this song, Golu Gold has been seen romancing his actress wonderfully. In the song made on the red lips of his actress, Golu Gold is making people crazy with her hot look. The song was released on 23 May on the YouTube channel of Golu Gold Entertainment.


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