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Kodaikanal: With the identification and improvement of additional tourist spots in the Kodaikanal area, travelers expect congestion during the season to ease.

Kodaikanal, an international tourist destination, has more than 20 tourist attractions, including the lake, horticultural parks, Perijam and Dolphin Nose. These are a great way to entertain the tourists who come here to enjoy the climate. The hill station is packed with tourists during the season.

In the past, it was suggested that the city would avoid congestion by identifying other parts of the hill country and developing them as tourist destinations. Ideas such as rural tourism, aromatic tourism site, spirituality, trucking, eco-tourism were put forward.

Despite the lack of infrastructure, road facilities and security at remote new sites, travelers keep coming and going.

New tourist sites

Pulavicharu Falls in the Upper Hills, Pallangi Kotti Up Falls, Puliyur Grassland in the Wilpatti area, Oravi, Five House Falls, Tadiyankudisai Aromatic Tourist Site, Pullaveli Falls, Tadiyankudisai Horticulture Research Station, Upper Hill Farms, Kookal Lake, (Helicopter) Van Tour, There are many new tourist attractions around Kodaikanal such as astronomical tourism, coyote cultivation, spiritual Arasankodai Gate Hill Cave Temple, Thandikudi, Poomparai, ancient monuments in the Adukkam area, Echo Rock, Dam view.

Each of these is unique in some way. These should come into play. It is expected that congestion within the city will be reduced as travelers will travel to different destinations when it comes to doing so. These will be a boon for travelers looking for innovation in tourist destinations.

Tourism will expand

Social activist Ravikumar, Kodaikanal: Travelers can still see only the tourist attractions that were initially introduced. New tourist sites in the mountains should also be identified. There is a need to improve transportation, security features, and infrastructure. This will improve the livelihood of the people in the suburbs. Tourism will expand and the economy will rise.

Avoid congestion

Tourist Ananda Krishnan, Dindigul: I am happy to see the introduction of innovative sites in Kodaikanal. There are many pleasant places in the suburbs. Improving these will increase passenger arrivals. It is also possible to avoid seasonal congestion.

Development work after approval

A tourism official said: Kodaikanal is a popular tourist destination. A proposal has been sent to the government to study the development of new tourist sites. Currently, more than ten sites have been identified and are being studied for development. Development work will be expedited once the tourism sector gets approval. This will make Kodaikanal a popular entertainment destination.



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