Akanksha Dubey’s boldest avatar seen in Samar Singh’s Bhojpuri song Karvatiya! This VIDEO is causing a ruckus


The song of Samar Singh and Akanksha Dubey is rocking

People like the pair of Bhojpuri’s ‘Desi Star’ Samar Singh and actress Akanksha Dubey (Akanksha Dubey). Recently, both of them have released their new song ‘Karwatiya’ in which Samar Singh and Akanksha Dubey have crossed all the limits of romance. This song has got millions of views. Watch video

VIDEO | Stew Samar Singh | Karwatiya | Akanksha Dubey | Superhit Bhojpuri Song 2021 | The songs of Bhojpuri cinema’s ‘Desi Star’ Samar Singh are being set on record on YouTube. Another video song of Samar Singh has been released recently which has created a stir. The name of this rude song is ‘Karwatiya’. Although this song is full of fun like every song of Samar Singh, but the most important aspect of this song is Akanksha Dubey. Samar Singh-Akanksha Dubey crossed all limits of romance in the song ‘Karvatiya’! It would not be wrong to say that this Bhojpuri song has been named by Akanksha Dubey. That is because in this song, the look of Akanksha Dubey is seen which has never been seen before. Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey is known for her glamorous and bold look in songs, but in this song, Akanksha has crossed all the limits of boldness. In the song, his very captivating scenes have been filmed with Samar Singh, who is also beating the romantic scenes of Bollywood films. The actress is holding the breath of every Bhojpuri viewer in her different look. The song that went viral earlier was ‘Kakri Bhail Ba Kamariya Lapak Ke 2’.By the way, this is not the first time that Samar Singh and Akanksha Dubey have come together in a song. Recently the superhit song of both was released ‘Kakri Bhail Ba Kamariya Lapak Ke 2’ (Kakri Bhayil Ba Kamriya 2) which is getting lots of views on YouTube. By the way, the chemistry of both of these songs is amazing, but in this new song ‘Karwatiya’ by Samar Singh, both artists have gone one step ahead. The tremendous pair of both have crossed all the limits of romance.

Youtube Video

The song has got millions of views
This superhit Bhojpuri song by Samar Singh has been released on the YouTube channel of Wave Music on May 12. The song has garnered millions of views on the very first day. The song has 475,424 views till the time of writing the news and this figure is increasing rapidly. Harinder Hariyali has written this romantic song and ADR Anand has given the music for it. The video directors of the song are Goldie and Bobby.


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